Wrestling Your Victories!

November 25, 2011
by Justin

It’s interesting how sports change throughout the ages. When football was first played, there weren’t any helmets, and then they modified to leather helmets, and then on to fully on gridiron, multi protected helmets. In ancient Greece, wrestlers used to compete nude, nowadays, that wouldn’t fly. One thing that has not changed throughout the ages is the immense importance of an athletes diet.


As I said in my last article, Long ago, one of my favorite, yet most intense high school sports, was wrestling. For up to, and over 3 hours, we ran laps, performed drills, engaged, in scrimmages, and exhausted our every muscle. However, intense it was, wrestling was also the most rewarding sport, because there wasn’t any real accessories or sports equipment except your very own body. You would thrust, and tilt, and throw, and trip, and fake out, and lock arms, and once you held your opponent down long enough to be declared, pinned, you won. It was victorious, because, it was your own strength, maneuverability, and strategy that would take your fellow wrestler down. Once they handed you that medal, it went from being around your neck, to your wall.


All of that took allot of energy, and energy required allot of nourishment, nourishment came through food. However, the flipside to wrestling was that the sport also required you to lose tons of weight to make your weight class. For you wrestlers out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. However, for you other student-athletes who spent your time perfecting some other highly skilled high school sport, I’ll fill you in.


If you didn’t or don’t wrestle in high school, let me explain why during wrestling season, you would see wrestler student-athletes wander around campus looking a little pale, and thin, and weak. It was because they were trying to lose weight. Why would you want to lose your strength to lose weight, when wrestling is all about strength, and alertness? That’s a good question is you’re asking it.


When you wrestle, you have to be matched up into a weight class. When you’re matched, your weight has to be that weight class or below, or else you are bumped up into the higher weight class. So say, you’re 152lbs, and you want to wrestle in the 150lb bracket, you would have to cut those two pounds by the tournament date, or you would have to be bumped up to wrestle in the 160lb bracket. The reason wrestlers don’t like that is because; it’s harder to wrestle someone 10lbs higher then you. So, students would go to extraordinary lengths to lose that weight, even at the expense of their health. However, in retrospect, I can tell you, that a healthy wrestler is a happy wrestler. Throwing up, not eating, excessive exercise, and sweating yourself to death are usually not listed under requirements of a healthy athlete. So, take a not from my book, eat healthy, and gain strength, and practice hard. That is what makes a great wrestler.


Caleb is a former athlete, and sports writer for www.scoutme.com. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook.com, and www.scoutme.com

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