Title: Wrestling Pins Female Athletes

November 16, 2011
by Justin

High School wrestling tournaments wasn’t something that I readily enjoyed.  Basketball was my sport of interest, for selfish reasons of course but I first stepped onto the mat to watch high school wrestling tournaments in the Massachusetts area when I learned there was going to be a female wrestler.  I had to see for myself if this just wasn’t a rumor started because a guy with long hair had been mistaken for a girl.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  At first glance, I was mortified to see that it was a girl and then to see the invasion of privacy on both ends—and a bit disconcerted to know it was ok.  There didn’t seem to be any rules and regulations in these high school wrestling tournaments.  Female athletes were accepted and they were able to get into positions I’ve never seen before, yet they were the norm.  The ref wasn’t blowing his whistle, if anything, kids were cheering louder if her hand inched closer to his man jewels.  Of course the more mature wrestling fanatic recognized that she was about to do the High Crotch Take Down, which she successfully maneuvered, forcing this kid to the mat.  At first I couldn’t believe this was happening but found myself cheering for this girl whom I didn’t even know but felt a sense of loyalty and pride for what she had just accomplished.  After the high school wrestling tournament had wrapped up and she had completely annihilated this teenage guy that went from idolized to completely antagonized; I found myself becoming her biggest cheerleader—me and her heron of forty other girls.  Also the moves came in handy for future brother, sister fights.

After high school, I found myself venturing to open wrestling tournaments back East where I was attending college, to find the next female wrestler to worship.  I would run a search on open wrestling tournaments and my friends and I would make a road trip out of it.  I would treat it as a rite of passage, an initiating into the women’s empowerment movement I guess I was eventually creating.  And empowered we became, traveling hundreds of miles to our next open wrestling tournament to watch the next female terminator humiliate her “superior” male counterpart.  Believe it or not, our group became so enthralled in the sport that we started cheating on our female wrestlers and attending college wrestling schools back east and even in the Midwest to watch men pin each other.


It’s funny because wrestling doesn’t have as many rules as it probably should but one rule that was recently implemented during high school wrestling tournaments, open wrestling tournaments and throughout college wrestling schools by the new rule 2011 NCAA College wrestling rules and regulation, is that music may not be played, bands may not perform, and artificial noisemakers may not be used during wrestling action.  Also rule; 5.8.12 Rear-Knee kick is no longer legal.  It is now illegal for an offensive wrestler in the rear standing position to use both feet to kick behind the knees in an attempt to bring the opponent to the mat.   This came as a blow but luckily, even in 2011 within high school wrestling tournaments, open wrestling tournaments and college wrestling schools across the country, much is accepted such as the Butcher move which is one of my favorites for its high pain to pinning ratio.  This moved used to turn our rowdy section into brutes, foaming at the mouth at the brutality of this takedown.


Although I will always be a female supporter, I appreciate the game of wrestling and admire any man that is willing to place his manhood aside to perform the High Crotch Takedown or get into a compromising and somewhat embarrassing position just for a pin.  Because on the mat all that matters is the final slap from the ref.

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