Best College Wrestling Programs

December 28, 2011

Welcome back to Pin to Win, a sport-specific, wrestling blog dedicated to college wrestling prospects. The last @HempsteadHuddle, wrestling piece was a Shoe Science article about the newest wrestling shoes for 2012. This week, we’ll be exploring the best college wrestling programs in the U.S. in every NCAA division. We have a lot of college […]

Wrestling Your Victories!

November 25, 2011

It’s interesting how sports change throughout the ages. When football was first played, there weren’t any helmets, and then they modified to leather helmets, and then on to fully on gridiron, multi protected helmets. In ancient Greece, wrestlers used to compete nude, nowadays, that wouldn’t fly. One thing that has not changed throughout the ages […]

Shoe Science

November 25, 2011

Outside of being an astronaut, doctor and professional basketball player, when I was growing up I wanted to be a professional wrestler. I never considered Olympic style wrestling; I wanted to be in the WWF. I imagined myself as the good guy who ripped off his shirt like Hulk Hogan and executed devastating moves like […]

Wrestling Your Weight

November 25, 2011

Long ago, one of my favorite, yet most intense high school sports, was wrestling. For up to, and over 3 hours, we ran laps, performed drills, engaged, in scrimmages, and exhausted our every muscle. However, intense it was, wrestling was also the most rewarding sport, because there wasn’t any real accessories or sports equipment except […]

Title: Wrestling Pins Female Athletes

November 16, 2011

High School wrestling tournaments wasn’t something that I readily enjoyed.  Basketball was my sport of interest, for selfish reasons of course but I first stepped onto the mat to watch high school wrestling tournaments in the Massachusetts area when I learned there was going to be a female wrestler.  I had to see for myself […]

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