Volleyball: Who’s Watching?

September 22, 2011
by Justin
When I used to play volleyball in middle school, and during recreational moments on the beach, I never thought I’d be performing for the sake of getting recruited. That’s probably because I never wanted to play it in college. What a shocker?
However, when seeking exposure for recruiters, it’s important to understand the resources that are out there. With over 312,000,000 Americans that live in the United States, and over 1/4 of them under the age of 20, it’s hard to narrow down the search within that minority of possible athletes, who is worthy of being recruited by a University. Secondly, when seeking exposure, many advisors can help you. For instance, talk to someone who’s been through the process. Ask your volleyball coach who has probably been through the experience of having many former players be recruited themselves. Thirdly, it’s always good to network through experience. If the college or university is close in proximity to where you live, visit them, and meet the coaches. Since we live in a media age, it might be useful to have a copy of a recorded play at one of your games where you tore it up, and are just wanting someone else besides your parents see it.
Sports camps are always a great way to seek and exercise not only your talent, but your networking prowess too.
It’s hard in a world of so many talented volleyball players to single themselves out and turn heads for recruiters, however, as my old coach used to say; “work smarter, not harder”. With social networking becoming such an effective way for free advertising,  post a video of one of your games, and have a coach review it. There are also recruiting camps that help spread exposure and will help recruiters see you.
Exposure will help, but do not neglect  your academics. Although it’s rumored that many college coaches just want to win games, and they don’t care about academics. However, that’s not true, according to many university policies, college coaches are held to a higher standard, if their athletes are not keeping a standardized GPA. So, be smart, and be smart the smart way. As in the court, cover all angles of loose ends, and high school will be met with a pleasant departure, and college volleyball, a content arrival.

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