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October 8, 2011
by Justin

When Helia Rogerio de Souza plays in her Olympic competition, I bet her thoughts are very much within the confines of what the rules are, but I bet you would never know by seeing her. Practicing the rules in a volleyball game will lead you to lightning quick speed, and amazing stamina on the court. However, does a volleyball player like Nikolic Jelena from Serbia, just walk on to the court not having practices her game and set the competition on fire? I think that even Nikolic Jelena would say, “no”.


Over the years volleyball has maintained the general guidelines for league play, however, what does it take for you to really captivate the attention of fellow players, recruiters, and spectators. The answer is that you have to have volleyball in your blood. The rules should be so well known to the players by hours of practicing them with your team and by yourself, that your body wouldn’t allow an out of bounds, or two hit set.



One anonymous volleyball player said it best when she referred to practicing her skill, “Extra discipline makes up for a lack of talent and a lack of discipline quickly siphons away extra talent, that’s why it’s frequently the most disciplined rather than the most gifted rise to the top.” Rules and regulations confine and facilitate the explosive talent that is encapsulated in the passion of volleyball. One Olympic volleyball medalist saw to that. Hélia Rogério de Souza of Brazil, better known as Fofao became one of the well-known female volleyball players in 2008 Olympic Games. Fofao appeared in Olympic Volleyball for her fourth consecutive time in Beijing 2008. She believes that to attain that victory, you have to be that victory, you have to be volleyball.


I have always said, that the world is filled with rules. Rules of humanity, rules of nature, God-given rules. Rules among enemies at war, and rules of non-vested opponents on the court. Rules help arrange the dance that we all play.


Now that I’ve quoted myself, I bring this notion of rules, and these stories of Olympic volleyball players up, because there is something in the nature of an athlete that he/she battles with deep inside. For instance, the beauty of volleyball, is that you can be a freshmen high school student volleyball player on set for your first practice, or you can be Kerri Walsh, or Misty May who are world famous players. The beauty of it, is that they are both confined to the same rules. That’s what makes the beauty of a team. Equality of the classes. So, I didn’t want to bore you this time around with the technicalities of what a penalty is, or what is the length of a boundary on a volleyball court. I wanted to provide you with inspiration about your sport. There is beauty in following the rules.


When you are sitting in front of your HD Flat screen, and are watching the first set of a tournament one Saturday afternoon, entertainment may be first, but observation should be a close second. For example, they say the best way to be excellence in whatever you do is to imitate excellence. Well, if you watch the plays, and penalties that even professional players commit on the volleyball court. Note that. Observe what is done among the pros, and imitate that on the court.


Now, I am not saying do not listen to your coach. In fact, listening to your coach is the best thing you can do. For you coaches, it is very important that your words are very encouraging while your volleyball player is playing her game. For example, in a study of volleyball student-athletes, they were asked, “what does your coach do when you are practicing that helps you the most?


The answer was almost certainly, “say positive things to motivate us, but most importantly, repeat inspirational quotes”. When a coach starts to recite inspirational quotes when volleyball players are in practice or in their tournament, the players hear it, and it becomes a part of their thinking. Furthermore, it was said among volleyball players “When the coach uses particular volleyball sayings often enough in practice, a young player starts remembering the slogans and picking up the tactics fairly quick”.

In response to their student’s answers, their coaches have said “using short volleyball slogans will also benefit the coach in matches, in whom it is reasonable to give short and simple information to players. Players can use the same idea of short slogans when communicating with each other during the match”. It has also been notices that when players have this type of interaction with their players, the players almost instinctively obey the rules of volleyball without question, and with passion.


Through the act of positive motivation, volleyball players can follow the rules with almost instinctive response.

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