Using Video to Get Recruited for College Volleyball

August 29, 2011
by Justin

One of the primary concerns of high school athletes, especially in their junior and senior years, is getting recruited by top-ranking colleges. They want to go to college and hopefully earn a scholarship but more importantly, continue playing the game they love beyond high school.

College volleyball season coincides with high school volleyball season so college volleyball coaches struggle to balance scouting high school volleyball players in action and coaching the regular season. They recruit mostly during club season in tournaments like the National Qualifiers and Junior Olympics. If you’re not a member of a volleyball club in your area, you might see this as a problem but technology affords you a way to be seen and evaluated by your top college choice. You can use a video of volleyball game highlights and send copies over to coaches from all over the country or upload it on Youtube.

Here’s how to prepare a recruitment video that will surely grab the attention of volleyball coaches:

Get a high quality recording of all your games taken at the right angles. You don’t need to hire a professional videographer to make great videos. You just need a reliable digital video recorder (Sony and Panasonic are good choices), a tripod, and either your friends or your family. Ask your friends or family to take a video of your games from the baseline or above court level. Show them videos of volleyball games on TV for them to get an idea of how they should shoot your games. Ask them to come early so they can get seats in the best positions for capturing the right shots.

Use software like Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere or Ulead to edit the videos later.

Keep your video short. Coaches have limited time available to them, with that said expect the longest a coach will spend on each video is about 10 minutes. High school athletes all over the nation send in recruitment videos and coaches have to view all of them to see who’s worth checking out.

In the first part of the video, identify yourself, what school you come from, year level, expected year of graduation, and your position as a player. The clips following this introduction must showcase your consistency, skill and attitude as a player.

From your video collection, select footage showing skills that are useful to your position. The best performances of athletes usually happen when they are going against the toughest teams so check the videos of games played against the best in your league first.

Make sure that all the skills your position needs to have are shown in the clips in the video. For example, if you’re a setter, the coach should see the quality of your sets (especially when the ball is off-target), and footage of you attacking the overpass and getting to the ball.

If you think the clips already show your potential, then you’re ready to send it over to coaches. Burn several DVD copies and mail them to schools’ athletic divisions. Be sure you know the name of the coaches you’re sending the copies to so they will know you’re really interested in playing for them. Also, don’t hesitate to contact them after sending your video. They happily entertain high school athletes who might eventually land on their team.

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