Bump, Set, Spike Vol. VII: You Can’t Stop the Block Volleyball Drill

November 10, 2011

I said it once and I’ll say it again; on every level, from high school to the NCAA volleyball, a kill is the ultimate momentum shifter. The only thing in volleyball that can rival a kill, is a kill-stopping block. A block is the ultimate display of teamwork in the game of volleyball. If you […]

Bump, Set, Spike Vol. VII: The License to Kill Volleyball Drill

November 2, 2011

On every level, from high school to the NCAA volleyball, a kill is the ultimate momentum shifter. Sports like basketball have the slam dunk, while baseball has the home run. These abilities are usually attributed to an athlete’s natural talent, yet these game changing actions are apart of a skill set that can be drilled […]

Bump, Set, Spike Vol. 6: The Passion to Pass

October 25, 2011

A great pass could change the momentum of any game or any sport. Steve Young and Joe Montana made a small-college receiver named Jerry Rice into the greatest wide receiver of all time with great passing. Magic Johnson took James Worthy from Chapel Hill to the Hall of Fame with great passing. In the same […]

Bump, Set, Spike Vol. 5: Olympic Level Volleyball with Misty May-Treanor

October 18, 2011

There are certain people that are synonymous with their sport. When most people talk about basketball, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are two names that usually come into the discussion. When all time baseball greats are brought up, Willie Mays and Babe Ruth usually get brought up. The same goes for two-time Olympic Gold Medal […]

Bump, Set, Spike Vol. 4: Set like a Vet

October 10, 2011

I learned about the value of sharing at an early age. Every Friday at St. Paul Preschool was Show and Tell day. All the kids would bring their best toys and put them on display for everyone to see. I loved people that shared their stuff; sharing my stuff, no so much. I would bring […]

Bump, Set, Spike Vol. 3: The Second Wind for the Win

October 5, 2011

It’s 24-23 and your team is in the lead. The playoffs are around the corner, so every league game has importance. One loss could be the demise of your season, while a win would all but guarantee a berth in the sectional. In situations like this, you don’t want to have any regret about your […]

Bump, Set, Spike Vol. 2: The Ability for Agility

September 26, 2011

On a hot September night, my coach walked into the room. Coach handed out the assignments and went over the bullet points once more. It was our first game and we were ready to explode. When we huddled up and broke for the game, our coach took a page out of a famous Hollywood script. […]

Bump Set Spike Vol. 1: The basics to jumping out the gym

September 19, 2011

Volleyball, like every major sport, is a game in which the foundation is based on fundamentals. Coaches drill their athletes constantly, tirelessly going over the monotonous details as if they were teaching it for the first time. Every good volleyball player has their fundamentals to rely on 99 percent of the time, but the elite […]

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