The Essential Volleyball

September 20, 2011
by Justin

Volleyball is highly active, and highly strategic, and highly fun. However, for the volleyball player it is good to always remember the essentials for your health and overall performance.

First, a high class Mikasa or Jaypro net is recommended for safety and regulation height.

Secondly, a good strong, well-filled ball is vital for accuracy, and serving it well over the net.

Thirdly, competitive volleyball takes two primary venues of location.

Outdoor volleyball, usually just requires simple attire, easy to be physically active in, and active net, and ball. Indoor volleyball is a whole different experience. There are hardwood floors, lights, and a whole other set of attire. For league rules all indoor volleyball players are required to where shorts(regulation length), T-shirt (team jersey), and knee pads. Knee pads are probably the most essential for the sport being that, unlike beach volleyball, where there is soft sand to lighten your fall, indoor volleyball has hardwood floors. When sweaty skin hits a buffered hardwood floor it can lead to pretty serious injuries on the joints and bone.

It is good to get off to a good start, so some good Tachikara beginner knee pads are recommended. And if you’re bringing your own volleyballs for practice, a good Mikasa nylon bag is good for toting a hefty sack of volleyballs. Or, if you’re in a volleyball tournament, and want something a little more steady. Then you may just need a Jaypro tote master ball cart, or even a Tachikara hammock cart.  Furthermore, you don’t want low quality pumps to keep your Wilson or Voit ball filled. So, a Tandem sport pocket pump is always good to have if you’re practicing by yourself.

Even with volleyball, which appears to have a few basic accessories and necessities, if you’re part of a team, it is good to be aware of what’s needed, and what can be utilized. Quality, in effort can move a team to success, and quality in equipment can also move a team to practice efficiently, and ultimately play to win, and have fun doing it.

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