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September 30, 2011
by Justin

Since you were young, you probably had an idea that you wanted to do what you loved when you grew up. Playing dungeons and dragons, and cops and robbers or playing “house”. And even when you got older, you knew that there was something that you could do with you talent that would drive you to be successful in your future. When you first stared playing volleyball you were either doing it for the first time, or you have been playing it for awhile on the beaches, or street courts. Either way you realized something brought you there. And if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re still interested in this sport. You may even want to progress, and attain a scholarship, and play in college, and maybe even go pro?


Well, if volleyball is still your passion, and your desire is to elevate yourself into a competitive league college team, then you should be well informed of the benefits that come with that, and what’s out there for you?


During that time of year, recruiters are spread throughout the country looking for that one student who would be right for that right university. Since we have so many universities to choose from, and with many prestigious volleyball programs out there, it’s hard to narrow down the search. However, like minded people help each other progress in like-minded accomplishments. That kind of sounds like a team, right?


If you want to get recruited in this day in age, you have to be well informed of the process. Today, the NCSA has put together many forums, and networks that help student-athletes get plugged in and have the process progress much easier for getting their name known. First, there’s school. In order to achieve the best chances of getting noticed on the court, yes, you have to train, and play your volleyball well. However, recruiters are looking for more than just the skill. Recruiters are avid devotees in finding a student-athlete who excels in the classroom. Academics held to NCAA standards are paramount for college or university entry. Furthermore, due to NCAA rules and regulations, with some exemptions granted, are very strict about suitable grade point averages in their student-athletes, in order for scholarships to be granted.


The second thing is post your video. The Internet is the lifeblood to social networking, and what better way to get noticed than by streaming your recruiting video to thousands of colleges, and recruiting websites. To get noticed, it is paramount that your video gets viewed. Your video will speak for itself when it comes to your volleyball talent, and recruiters will see it as it is. However, not to stress this enough make academics your priority. People will get selected, and granted scholarships, however, not everyone gets on board. Academics will help you accelerate in all facets of your life. Don’t lose that.


Thirdly, get your resume noticed. If you’re like me, or other people I know, I didn’t even put a resume together until I was already in college. However, if you want to be seen, it is crucial that recruiters have you on file. List your achievements, awards, and extra-curricular activities, other sports played. Stats, ACT/SAT score, transcripts, and last but not least, your volleyball recruitment video. Get it seen. It’s never too late to stand out. This is the time to start making that happen. It’s important to become free online members to sports and recruitment websites such as; You can share, and post, and network to see what colleges are out there, and which one will be the right one for you.


Lastly, and this may seem basic; have all your information in one location. What? Well, today in age it’s easy to get frazzled with storing away different documents and such. Make a file online to store all of your valuable recruitment information, and make it one that is easy to recover, and easy to recognize. An example might be to title it; “Volleyball Recruitment Docs”. Or if you were like me, I would title it “All Volleyball Stuff”. Ok, you probably shouldn’t put “stuff” as part of your title, because if you were to email that file to a prospective college coach, it might demean the sincerity of that package by seeing the title, “stuff”. In any case, for as concentrated and in the moment you are in your game on the court, be as concentrated and organized when assigning your files. It will help you, and it’ll will always be there for you.


Now that we’ve gone over some basic recruitment pointers let me summarize what you need to do:

  1. Value academics first! NCAA standards will keep you accountable to that rule.
  2. Post your video, and market your talent to your prospective colleges.
  3. Make a resume about who you are: transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, lists of achievements, awards, extra-curricular activities, and video.
  4. Make an online file to place all your information, and title it so that it is easily recognized.
  5. Have fun playing the sport you love to play, volleyball!


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