Bump, Set, Spike Vol. VII: You Can’t Stop the Block Volleyball Drill

November 10, 2011
by Justin

I said it once and I’ll say it again; on every level, from high school to the NCAA volleyball, a kill is the ultimate momentum shifter. The only thing in volleyball that can rival a kill, is a kill-stopping block. A block is the ultimate display of teamwork in the game of volleyball. If you block an opponent’s kill they’ll lose confidence when approaching the net; a great block will change a team’s whole momentum. Most high school volleyball coaches aren’t properly drilling their players with these fundamentals, and therefore lose any prospect of their athletes playing at the NCAA volleyball level.

If you want to dominate your high school volleyball competition and take your game to the NCAA volleyball level, you’ve came to the right place. Welcome back to BSS, the ultimate internet destination for volleyball drills, tips and techniques, provided to you by ScoutMe. In volume one we explored jumping techniques, while two and three had tips and volleyball drills to increase your agility and endurance. Volume four was a basic tutorial on how to set on the next level, while in week five we learned some cutting edge volleyball drills from NCAA Volleyball and Olympic legend, Misty May-Treanor. In volume six the focus was on bumping/passing volleyball drills and techniques and this last week the focus will be the proper execution of a kill. This week’s set of volleyball drills is all about blocking the volleyball. Here are some helpful tips, techniques and volleyball drills to get you to the next level.

Blocking Footwork and Communication Drill

Communication is key to any great block, but footwork will get you into the proper position. This volleyball drill begins with your fellow defender working the middle and moving towards the outside. The middle should open up with the outside foot, crossing over with the inside leg and returning to the ready position. The outside defender then says, “Ready, ready, up!” The reason this is important for properly blocking, is that you want to jump at the same time with your fellow defender.

Block the Wall           

The block the wall volleyball drill is a great technique that will teach you how to block in the proper position along the net. Place your hands as high as you can on any wall and fully extend your arms. Place your thumbs to the inside of your arms, with your pinkies out, and kick the wall softly when you jump into the air. Be sure to land properly, with your behind partially out, to properly absorb the shock of jumping repeatedly. Here is Stanford University’s John Dunning showing you this volleyball drill.


These volleyball drills should keep your technique and skill levels at their highest throughout the season. Check back next week for another installment of BSS; we’ll be exploring more volleyball drills that will take your game from the high school volleyball to the NCAA volleyball level. This is Bump, Set, Spike and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.




Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.


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