Bump, Set, Spike Vol. VII: The License to Kill Volleyball Drill

November 2, 2011
by Justin

On every level, from high school to the NCAA volleyball, a kill is the ultimate momentum shifter. Sports like basketball have the slam dunk, while baseball has the home run. These abilities are usually attributed to an athlete’s natural talent, yet these game changing actions are apart of a skill set that can be drilled and improved upon. Most high school volleyball players are only scratching the surface of their volleyball, spiking abilities. Most of them don’t have the level of NCAA volleyball coaching that would help correct the basic issues in their approach to the net.

If you want to dominate your high school volleyball competition and take your game to the NCAA volleyball level, you’ve came to the right place. Welcome back to BSS, the ultimate internet destination for volleyball drills, tips and techniques, provided to you by www.scoutme.com. In volume one (http://www.scoutme.com/volleyballrecruiting/bump-set-spike-vol-1-the-basics-to-jumping-out-the-gym/) we explored jumping techniques, while two (http://www.scoutme.com/volleyballrecruiting/bump-set-spike-vol-2-the-ability-for-agility/) and three (http://www.scoutme.com/volleyballrecruiting/bump-set-spike-vol-3-the-second-wind-for-the-win/) had tips and volleyball drills to increase your agility and endurance. Volume four (http://www.scoutme.com/volleyballrecruiting/bump-set-spike-vol-4-set-like-a-vet/) was a basic tutorial on how to set on the next level, while in week five we learned some cutting edge volleyball drills from NCAA Volleyball and Olympic legend, Misty May-Treanor (http://www.scoutme.com/volleyballrecruiting/bump-set-spike-vol-5-olympic-level-volleyball-with-misty-may-treanor/). This last week the focus was on bumping/passing volleyball drills and techniques (http://www.scoutme.com/volleyballrecruiting/bump-set-spike-vol-6-the-passion-to-pass/), and this week the focus will be the proper execution of a kill. Here are some helpful tips, techniques and volleyball drills to get you to the next level.

Footwork & Approach           

The most important portion of the spike that is often lost with most high school volleyball players is the approach, combined with proper footwork. Most high school volleyball players know how to chop their steps and how to establish their lead foot before exploding into the air; the issue is that most high school volleyball coaches never teach proper arm swing. It is imperative that you incorporate proper leaping techniques into the volleyball drills done at your high school volleyball practice. It doesn’t matter if you are going for the kill or trying to block an incoming spike, you have to swing your arms properly to increase the power of your jump. The next important movement involves transferring your forward momentum into your leaping ability, using your arms as propellers. Every great NCAA volleyball player has an understanding of the physics involved in jumping.     


Form & Arm Placement

Most high school volleyball players are unaware that a great spike combines speed and power. NCAA volleyball is all about taking the least amount of steps and killing the volleyball quickly. A great volleyball drill that will eliminate some of the bad habits developed by most high school volleyball players is the defensive/offensive hand drill. Bring both arms up into the defensive position and then bring your arm back while leading with the wrist to simulate the movement needed to execute a college-level NCAA volleyball kill. Most high school volleyball players lead with the elbow when they are moving their arms back to kill. This high-level NCAA volleyball drill teaches you to use less space without compromising your power. Be sure to incorporate the ball into the final phase of this volleyball drill, while focusing on having a high contact point for maximum trajectory. Here is NCAA volleyball champion and Olympian, Andor Gyulai demonstrating these volleyball drills:



These volleyball drills should keep your technique and skill levels at their highest throughout the season. Check back next week for another installment of BSS; we’ll be exploring more volleyball drills that will take your game from the high school volleyball to the NCAA volleyball level. This is Bump, Set, Spike and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.




Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for Scoutme.com. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.


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