Bump Set Spike Vol. 1: The basics to jumping out the gym

September 19, 2011
by Justin

Volleyball, like every major sport, is a game in which the foundation is based on fundamentals. Coaches drill their athletes constantly, tirelessly going over the monotonous details as if they were teaching it for the first time. Every good volleyball player has their fundamentals to rely on 99 percent of the time, but the elite take the time to develop their game above the net.

There are many ways to measure explosiveness; vertical leap is a typical method of that calculation. Whether performing basic moves like the block, or specialty skills like the jump serve, college coaches are looking for that unique talent that separates you from mediocrity. Nothing highlights your recruiting film more than an explosive and heavily contended spike; it’s volleyball’s version of the slam dunk. So, if you want to be your conference’s most feared Outside Hitter follow these two simple workouts. You’ll be jumping out of the gym sooner than later:

Workout #1: Jump Rope

What you’ll need: You guessed it… a jump rope.

Boxers are known to be some of the greatest athletes in history. Jumping rope is a staple in their training. Jumping rope is great for an initial boost in vertical jump, but that is not the most important detail in why jumping rope is so beneficial to any type of athlete. Explosiveness is worthless if athletically you lose stamina and fade as time elapses. Sustained explosiveness is imperative in winning time, when you need that big play to get your team over the hump.

There are several types of jump ropes on the market and they are usually not expensive at all. If you have the funds available, go to one of those big sports supply stores and buy one today for yourself. If your money is tight, your school should have some or ultimately you may have to request jump ropes to be purchased by your coach, if there is any room in the budget.

Jumping rope is a simple exercise that can be taken to very high levels. Feel free to explore the many youtube clips of all the different available techniques online.

Workout #2: Slalom Bounce

What you’ll need: The same jump rope from the prior workout.

This workout is often associated with the Slalom ski event , an exhibit of balance and quickness. These are aspects needed to increase your explosiveness and vertical leap with a higher focus on agility and timing. The workout has a basic progression, beginning with a straightforward approach. Lay out the jump rope in a straight line and jump moving side to side over the rope, while slightly moving forward with each jump. To increase difficulty you may do the workout backwards or moving laterally in each direction at an increased pace.

Please be sure to wear comfortable shoes and athletic clothing. Do each workout with a rep-based style, evenly breaking up each workout in equal sets. Find a workout buddy that’ll push you for accountability’s sake. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun.

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