A Look at NCAA’s Molten Volleyballs

August 29, 2011
by Justin

When playing varsity or professional sports, athletes always make sure they get top quality equipment to get the best game play. Molten USA has been providing equipment for USA volleyball and the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s championships. Hence, its balls are sure to be top-notch.

Recently, Molten USA and NCAA Divisions 1, 2 and 3 Women’s Championships and NCAA Divisions 1 and 3 Men’s Volleyball Championships have forged a partnership that will last through 2014.  As a result, interest in the company’s equipment has increased. Take a look at the balls that are used or going to be used for the NCAA.

For women’s championships, Molten’s IV58L-N Super Touch has been the official ball since 2005. It looks like a regular ball but its NCAA-inspired color combination of blue, silver, white and red distinguishes it. It’s made with premium Japanese leather and uni-bladder cotton-wrapped construction so it won’t easily wear and tear. It won’t leak or lose air. For its premium quality, the ball has a two-year warranty.

When playing with the ball, you’ll feel it’s a little harder than others, which doesn’t mean it’s not soft enough for hitting. In fact, this quality makes the ball easier to hit and toughens your arms for playing just right. Most varsity and professional athletes prefer using this very responsive ball. No wonder NCAA athletes use it.

For men’s championships, Molten’s innovative V5M5000 will be used beginning in 2012. The original ball has a color-combination of green, red and white. But the NCAA version will have colors like those of the Super Touch. At first glance, the ball looks like a soccer ball with its curved panels swirling here and there. This makes for strong visibility on court. But the look of the ball can be primarily attributed to certain functions.

The V5M5000 is the first Molten ball to feature the patent-pending FLISTATEC technology. This technology gives the ball flight stability. The odd-looking panels are there to make the ball’s rotation smoother. They also reduce normal air friction. Ball control is also increased by this technology. With this, FLISTATEC technology is said to be revolutionary.

If you’re impressed with the above balls, give Molten’s other balls a look. The L2 IVU-U is approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) for indoor use. This pure white ball has a micro-fiber composite cover. Like the Super Touch, it also has uni-bladder cotton-wrapped construction. It has a one-year warranty.

The L2 IVU-BLK-BLU-HS, on the other hand, is also NFHS-approved. It has a color combination of black, blue and white. Like the IVU-U, it has a micro-fiber composite cover and uni-bladder cotton-wrapped construction. Warranty for this ball is also one year.

Molten USA has been around since 1958. Although it’s more known for its volleyball equipment, it also has a series of balls for other sports like basketball and soccer. If you’re serious about your game, buy from their line of equipment. Experience the same balls used by the pros from the national team, many state associations and college conferences. You might be hitting a Super Touch or a V5M5000 for NCAA someday, so prepare yourself now.

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