Top End Speed & Stamina for College Track & Field Events

December 28, 2011
by Justin

You are back on ScoutMe’s track and field, known simply as The Fast Track with the @HempsteadHuddle. The Fast Track is a high-level NCAA track and field blog for high school athletes. The Fast Track’s first volume was all about speed training, while the second week was all about training for college track and field events. In week three, The Fast Track went back to the fundamentals and the last two weeks has explored different track and field programs like Texas A&M, St. Augustine’s, along with smaller powerhouse programs in Division III and the NAIA like North Central and Shorter University. This week’s piece will highlight advanced drills and workouts that will increase top end speed along with great results this season and eventually at the college track and field level.



College Track and Field Workout #1: Hurdle Step-over

The 400 and 200-meter college track and field events are all about top end speed and stamina. The 400-meter hurdles is one of the most difficult college track and field events, that will test not only your mental toughness, but your body’s ability to fight through track and field’s ultimate enemy, the wall. The wall is the physical roadblock your body encounters during the last portion of any race, especially in a middle distance or 400-meter college track and field event. One of the best drills is the Hurdle Step-over. The emphasis on this drill is to focus on maintaining your range of motion, while moving laterally. This simulates the curb that you will naturally run while attempting to maintain your speed. You can use hurdles or cone,s but you need to use something that will create the proper leg bend needed to power through the last 100-meters of whatever college track and field event you run. Here is a video of this track and field drill being executed properly.


College Track and Field Workout #2: One Step Through Hurdles

With those same hurdles or cones that you used to train in the prior college track and field workout, do the one step through hurdle workout. The one step hurdle workout is a great top end speed, track and field drill that will help you power through the last phase of any college track and field event from the 100 to the 800-meter dash. The emphasis of the track and field drill is to increase step timing and hip flexion. Be sure to attempt to do this workout far beyond your normal level of exercise, based on the fact that increasing stamina will inherently increase top-end speed. Here is the drill in a video form.


College Track and Field Workout #3: Wall High Knees

The high knee wall workout is an incredibly effective college track and field workout. The concept that is introduced here in the college track and field events workout is muscle recruitment. Muscle recruitment is a concept that occurs when your body is at its peak of activity, and requires other muscle groups to compensate to complete the movement. Anyone who has ever ran an 800-meter or any of the middle distance track and field events will tell you that muscle recruitment is the way that they were able to push through the wall and complete the race. The emphasis on this track and field drill is high knees, but the most important aspect is quick feet. Resistance bands are use,d but not necessarily needed to complete this track and field drill. Here is the high knee wall drill executed in the proper form.


The spring will be here before you know it, so if you want to reap the benefits of hard work, the time is now. Until you get your next track and field gold medal, I’ll be here on the Fast Track. This is Yorick Hempstead, signing off.


Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.



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