The Proper Footwear Can Change Your Life in a Matter of Seconds

November 19, 2011
by Justin

Scout College Recruiting

Ever tried sprinting with regular sneakers on a track field?  Yea doesn’t quiet work as well which is why spikes were invented to substantiate the power needed to run a 100 yard race in less than 12 seconds or spring over hurdles the size of your little brother.

Scout college recruiting should play a major role in the kind of shoes you purchase.  Before the season starts, your focus should of course be conditioning, diet, nutrition and then shopping for the right spikes.  Scout college recruiting is all about finding the right athlete to fit into their program.  And an athlete’s job is finding the right equipment to assist with being noticed and becoming the right fit.

Scout college recruiting is a chance for every student to shine.  You don’t want your spikes to outshine you.  Meaning you don’t want to purchase a pair of Adidas Demolishers and the only one being demolished is you.  Now you destroy a perfectly good name for a track shoe and turn it into a running joke.  You want to outshine your spikes.  The fluorescent, flashy colors should be kept on the shelves, ladies unless you’re looking for attention.  And not attention from scouts but a date to the prom.

Scout College Recruiting is about ability first and foremost so spikes shouldn’t scream, look at me but instead get you in and out of the race.  Spikes are the background workers, you are the star.

Track & Field Scholarships

Track & Field Scholarships are awarded to students for many different reasons, depending upon the race, but in particular sprint and hurdlers are awarded track and field scholarships based on their cat like reflexes off the block and powerful stamina.  The proper shoes are of upmost importance in this balancing act of speed and focus.  The lighter the shoes, the faster the moves.  One would suggest using Nike, especially considering they received their start by selling track shoes in 1964.

Once you receive a track and field scholarship.  Please don’t become arrogant and forget everything you have learned and worked so diligently towards.  Now is the time to prepare for the next level in a competitive atmosphere that will be more challenging than running against your school rival.  When you come across a sprinter on the collegiate level, be prepared to run against players who are running the 100 yard dash at 8 seconds or less and that’s just warming up.  So don’t be so quick to get rid of your disciplined nature.  And don’t dare to replace your spikes for better.

Collegiate Scholarships

Collegiate scholarships are given out by choice.  Not to the few who know how to run but to the few who make running look effortless.  As if you could lace up a pair of Nike Zoom Rivals, size 13, and become the next Usain Bolt from Jamaica man.  Recruiters are very selective to whom they award their collegiate scholarships to and if your spikes aren’t propelling you closer to first place, then it’s time to revisit your choice in brand.  Now of course the right amount of talent and athleticism make ten times snugger but the right amount of aerodynamics and specialized traction will orbit you into a world where your opponents look like miniature ants.  This is a rare combination of athleticism and a Cinderella fit and without it, the only thing you’ll be sprinting after is the collegiate scholarship that got away.

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