Shoe Science

November 25, 2011

I wonder if there was a shoe store in ancient Egypt. If there was, I wonder if it was like Footlocker. Footlocker is by far my favorite place in the mall. It doesn’t matter if I’m buying something for my girlfriend, my little brothers or my grandma, I’m going to go into footlocker just in […]

The Proper Footwear Can Change Your Life in a Matter of Seconds

November 19, 2011

Scout College Recruiting Ever tried sprinting with regular sneakers on a track field?  Yea doesn’t quiet work as well which is why spikes were invented to substantiate the power needed to run a 100 yard race in less than 12 seconds or spring over hurdles the size of your little brother. Scout college recruiting should […]

Picking the right running shoe.

August 24, 2010

Picking the right running shoe a lot of times can make or break how well a student-athlete will progress in their training. Get the wrong shoe for the wrong type of training and all of a sudden the student-athlete will find themselves drowning in injuries. Even worse, if the student-athlete is training during the preseason […]

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