Tennis Rules Pt. 1

September 23, 2011
by Justin
If you were to be beamed onto a tennis court from another planet, and you watched Andre Agassi, and Jose Acasuso batting it back and forth on the tennis court, it would probably look as if they were probably in some sort of battle. Both of them would have intense, sweaty faces, moving quickly across the court, and hitting a little green bullet at eachother. The second thing you probably would never guess, is that there are specific rules to what appears as sporadic madness.
Tennis is definitely a game of rules, and systems. The game is played in variations. For instance, tennis is played in one on one singles matches where one player, individually plays another player. Which is what Agassi and Acasuso were playing when you arrived on Earth. In singles matches you can hit inside the outter lines. Which brings us to the second type of tennis game you may encounter if you decide to travel around Earth. Doubles. This is where two players play two other players. There are also mixed doubles, but that is usually played informally and not professionally. Mixed doubles is where there is one man and one woman on each team.
Now that that is sorted out, we can move on to how they conduct themselves next. The person who serves that little green ball is the server (Agassi), and the person on the opposite side of the court is the receiver(Acasuso). How that is decided is by the toss of coin or in some cases, a tennis racquet.
Now the Agassi must stand behind the baseline of the deuce court when serving in a singles game. For now we’ll focus on singles games. Now the tennis players locations change by their points odd numbers are played by the advantage court, and all even numbers are played withing the deuce court.
This is where it gets hot! The Acasuso is ready if and only if the he/she attempts to return the Agassi’s ball. The Acasuso has to let the ball bounce in the service box before attempting to play.
Scores are played in increments of 15, and Agassi always gets to call the score first.
Now so far, have I lost you…
This game is intense and extremely athletic. Visit for more on our game with Andre Agassi and Jose Acasuso. Until then…

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