Tennis: Rules to Match the NCAA Game

September 28, 2011

A solid foundation in the rules is always a good premise for understanding any sport. For tennis, it is no exception. As a social interactive sport, it is also one that applies great physical endurance. The swinging of a racquet, the intense sprints across the court, and the immense adrenaline rush one seek as they […]

Tennis Rules Pt. 1

September 23, 2011

If you were to be beamed onto a tennis court from another planet, and you watched Andre Agassi, and Jose Acasuso batting it back and forth on the tennis court, it would probably look as if they were probably in some sort of battle. Both of them would have intense, sweaty faces, moving quickly across […]

Updates On Intercollegiate Tennis Rules And Regulations

August 30, 2011

Rules and regulations are laid out to keep a sense of organization in any sporting event. These could, however, change overtime in response to a need to either broaden or limit the scope of a particular sport. Over the past year, such changes have been applied to tennis rules and regulations, specifically those concerning intercollegiate […]

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