Electrolyte Your Game!

September 20, 2011
by Justin

Tennis is a game of precision, alert physical agility, and strategic placement. For top performance and health, hydration is paramount for any tennis player to be fully active on the court. High paid tennis players such as; Andre Agassi, Anna Kournikova, and even John McEnroe go to extreme lengths in their advertising to promote athletic drink products for all sports players, especially tennis players.

Hydrating yourself may seem obvious to you, especially if you’ve ever done a backswing serving tennis balls for an hour. Yet shockingly, that is why so many athletes suffer from severe headaches, muscle aches, heatstroke, fainting, and yes, even constipation.

When tennis players grace the courts with their talents they bring with them high muscle demand that their bodies must endure. Muscles need plenty of liquid to exercise well. When muscles move well, so does their game.

Secondly, for tennis players drinking allot of water is good. However, you need understand when to hydrate, and how much. Obviously, you learned a long time ago that drinking allot of water before you sleep is not good for the bed sheets. For instance, extremely cold water right before enduring a heated tennis match can shock the stomach. When the stomach is shocked, the water doesn’t infiltrate the bodily system as quickly, and can lead to cramps. A dehydrated body can also lead to digestive problems. Food is not as easily carried through the system, and digested due to the lack of liquids because of dehydration. Therefore, it is imperative to drink consistently throughout the day, and the evening. 8 glasses of water is recommended in a day. However, when an athlete is on the court for hours, serving sets with his or her tennis racket, and demanding high physical endurance, then it is imperative that the tennis player constantly hydrate themselves; specifically with high electrolyte sports drinks.

Thirdly, when hydrating yourself; quality is much better than quantity. The reason these high marketed sports drinks are advertised so highly by fellow tennis players, is because these sports drinks (i.e. Gatorade, Vitamin Water, and coconut water) contain vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Electrolyte drinks contain sodium and potassium salts that help the body rehydrate faster and being much better for a highly active body. Also, filtered water is always recommended.

It will improve your diet, your health, and your tennis game to always stay hydrated. So, stay wise, and hydrate your tennis body, and electrolyte your game.

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