Drills for Training Tennis Students to Master their Serve

August 29, 2011
by Justin

If you are a tennis instructor, you probably noticed that your students don’t pay enough attention to their serve. Either they think it’s not that important or they’re too scared of the serve itself. This is a big problem if you’re handling a tennis varsity team. So what tennis tips can you give them so they’ll focus more on their serve? What tennis drills should you use for their training for strength in regards to their serve?

Drills serve not only to train students to master their service but also acts as an exercise perfect for them to have the right physical fitness for tennis. So here are the drills that can help you get physically fit master servers.

Serving in a row is a drill that puts tennis players under pressure. Divide the service courts in half. Make a player serve one into each half beginning from left to right. He should hit 4 serves in a row. If he fails to do so twice in a row, he should start from square one and be required to hit 8 serves next. If he fails to hit 3 serves in a row, he should start from the beginning and be required to hit 12 consecutive serves. This trains players to have precision serving. The pressure this drill causes makes them focus on their service.

Switch the said drill up by making two players serve against each other. If Player 1 hits the court and Player 2 misses, the Player 1 gets a point and vice versa. If they both hit the court, no one gets a point. After playing to three, make the players switch their order of serving.

Some athletes fail in their service because they panic while they serve. Tennis drills should not just teach your players service precision but also confidence in their service. If you’ve looked for tips for training in tennis online, you might have encountered the Jimmy Connors drill. This is a good tennis drill for encouraging panicky players who otherwise would be exceptional on court. Have your athletes play a set where the server begins at 30:40. This guarantees that every player gets at least one win. Winning helps your players build confidence and believe that they can win their matches. They’ll carry the memory of winning when they set foot in tournaments and won’t panic when confronted by even the most formidable players.

Make your athletes play grandslam-style. Among the drills for tennis, this challenges players the most, because it replicates actual tournaments. Make your players start from 4:4 and make them play the best of 3 or 5 later, depending on how much time you have. Making them go through an hour of competitive play, albeit not counted as official matches, teaches them how to strategize for and approach their matches during tournaments, especially when they advance to higher rounds. They’ll realize how their serves affect much of their games.

These tennis drills should help you train your athletes into tiptop form. Challenge them by training their focus on their serves, encourage them by making them win, and give them a feel of how tournaments go so they’d know what strategies to use when they’re actually playing there.

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