15/Love Vol. 3: Restore the Core with Estrada Fitness

October 3, 2011
by Justin

In my scholastic career, I learned about the value of the core. I learned about the Earth’s core in the fourth grade, when our Earth Science teacher, Mr. Grivel, taught my class about seismology. Mr. Grivel told my class that the Earth’s core is responsible for the creation of many elements that make metal like iron, and is filled with liquid magma that can create a whole island. My anatomy class in high school touched on the human core, which I learned to be the most important area of the body. The human core controls simple functions like standing, to complex movements like fast-twitch change of direction.

Tennis, like all sports, depends heavily on high-functioning core movements. If you don’t have a strong core, you will not succeed at a high level, no matter how talented you are. This is where someone like Jason Estrada appears. Jason is a Los Angeles based trainer who has an impressive clientele, from Fortune 500 moguls to professional athletes. Thank goodness he offers workout tips for everyday people like you and I. Jason has several workouts that he uses to get his clients in top shape. He often uses a resistance band, which can strengthen your core, and help you win on a championship level. Here is a three-minute power workout from Estrada Fitness.


Workout (Warm-up) #1: Burpee

What you’ll need: Nothing

Like I always say, before you workout like a champion, you must warm up like one. The burpee is a great warm-up drill that will get your blood flowing without you having to run a lap. The main motive for this type of drill is to increase your body’s natural fluidity. This full body exercise will wake up anybody.

To start the burpee, extend your legs and drop straight back into the extended push up stance. When you put your feet back, be sure to put them behind you one at a time and hold the position for at least half a second. Bring both feet forward one at a time and extend up, reaching your hands to the sky. Repeat this movement until you work up a good sweat.

To take this workout to another level, jog in place and drop down to the floor, while fully controlling your weight. The object is to not touch the ground with your body. Once you hit the ground, pop back up and extend your hands to the sky while you are still jogging in place. This sequence is more of a workout than a warm-up; nevertheless, it is a great way to end any rigorous, stamina-based training.

Workout #2: Trunk Twist

What you’ll need: A Resistance Band

Take the resistance band and step on the middle area with both feet, a little less than shoulder width apart. Bring the band together and rotate right and left for 10-15 reps evenly. During this workout, be sure to keep your lower body still, only rotating your abdominal section. To increase difficulty, hold the extension for longer than five seconds. This exercise will strengthen your abs, specifically your oblique muscles, which are responsible for some of the violent movements that occur during a tennis match. This workout is great for your forehand and backhand power.


Workout #3: Squat Press

What you’ll need: A Resistance Band

Now that your core is ready for action, you can move into the squat press. With your feet still on the band from the last sequence, bring your arms forward into the basic squatter position. Place your feet at a comfortable width and try to bring you legs to a 90-degree angle when you squat. When you press up, use your legs to extend the band straight above your head.


Workout #4: Sitting Bicep Curl

What you’ll need: A Resistance Band

Sit down with the band around both feet. Bring your legs up and your arms down, balancing solely on your rear end. Bring your legs into your body, while simultaneously curling the bands up like a bicep curl. Return into the extension position, still balancing on your bottom. Repeat this exercise until fail.


Here is the video of Jason Estrada, The Equinox’s Trainer of the Year and owner of Estrada Fitness, showing you every workout listed above:



This fitness bands are incredibly helpful because they allow you to have free flowing resistance. Scar tissue is the ultimate enemy of every tennis player, so I suggest you consider purchasing this cheap, fitness innovation. These are circuit exercises that should be done seamlessly and approached in a fast-paced method. I know I say this all the time, but the most important thing you can do is have fun. Check back next week for the next Volume, where I explore another championship, workout technique. Like Jason said at the end of his video, your best effort always leads to your best outcome.


Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for Scoutme.com. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle. 

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