Best College Swimming Programs

December 6, 2011
by Justin

We are knee deep into the swimming season, and if you want to swim at the next level, you should start researching the best college swimming programs in each division. There are several opportunities along with plenty of quality swimming programs across the United States, that are looking for quality swimmers like yourself. If you have yet to start your process of deciphering which one of the best college swimming programs interest you, the @HempsteadHuddle has got you covered. Welcome to The Deep End, the new swimming blog written by the @HempsteadHuddle, and provided to you by ScoutMe. Over the rest of the season I’ll be here weekly giving you tips, techniques and drills, that will improve your times and get you recruited at the college swimming level. This week we’ll be looking at two programs across the college swimming spectrum. The first is Auburn, a storied program in the several sports that boasts national championship in several sports from football to college swimming. Last is Division Two’s own Drury University, who has the hardware to back up their status as the best at their college swimming level. Let’s check these schools out and see what the best college swimming programs have to offer.

The Best College Swimming Program in Division I: Auburn University

Out of the last 10 years, Auburn University has been one of the most elite swimming programs in the US. The Tigers of Auburn are five-time national champions and boast an alumni filled with Olympic gold medalists, World Champions and college swimming All-Americans on both the men’s and women’s side. The Tigers have two head swimming coaches, Brett Hawke and Jeff Shaffer. Hawke is over the entire program, both men’s and women’s college swimming. This is his sixth season at Auburn and his third season at the top-college, swimming position. Hawke’s resume is filled with stints as an assistant on the Brazilian National Swimming team and several Olympic swimming, coaching jobs. Hawke himself, an Australia is once one of the best in college swimming in his heyday. During his time in Auburn, Hawke captured nine NCAA titles to go along with seven SEC crowns. In 1997, Hawke became part of Auburn history, as he was a member of the first NCAA Championship swimming team. At the 1997 NCAA swimming meet, Hawke won four titles, including one as part of the 200-medley relay team that set a new U.S. Open and NCAA swimming record. At the same meet, Hawke claimed Auburn’s second ever 50m free, swimming title. The Coach in charge of the Divers is Coach Shaffer, a Wisconsin graduate who has been coaching some of the best in college swimming for 13 years. If you are interested in being an athlete in Tiger swimming, go here and fill out the Swimming team’s questionnaire right now. Auburn is located in Alabama, less than 50 miles away from the state capitol Montgomery, Alabama.

The Best College Swimming Program in Division II: Drury University

Drury University is another of one of the best college swimming programs. This college swimming team is nationally recognized, not just in their division but in Division One athletics also. Since 1997 Drury University has won eight national college swimming championships, including the last three swimming crowns. Outside of their swimming team’s championship pedigree, their biggest claim to fame is their continuity on the coaching staff. It is almost unheard of in college swimming or any other major sport, to have a head coaching staff with nearly fifty years of experience, but Drury can hang their hat on that fact. You would be hard pressed to find another nationally decorated or distinguished coach than men’s and women’s swimming and diving coach Brian Reynolds. Reynolds will be entering his 29th year with the men’s program and 24th year with the DU women when the Panthers kick off the 2011-12 swimming campaign as defending NCAA National Swimming Champions on both sides once more. Drury University is a little over 150 miles from Kansas City, Missouri, and is located in the beautiful Midwest city of Springfield. If you are interested in being an athlete for Drury’s swimming team, go to their website and then go here and watch their swimming video about their program to learn more.

It was my favorite cartoon fish Dory, who once said one of my favorite quote in reference to her approach with life: “Just keep swimming.” No matter your level or what your P.R. is, you still have time to make this your best swimming season left. These two schools are two of the best college swimming programs, but don’t let your search end at this article. Until the next time, this is The Deep End bringing you’re the best in college swimming, and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.

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