My Team
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Main Info

  • Sport: Track & Field
  • Position: Runner
  • Graduation Year: 2020
  • School: Union Catholic Regional High School
  • High School Coach: Michael McCabe
  • Gender: Male
  • Parent/Guardian: Alison and Rodney Brown
  • Date of Birth: September 11, 2002
  • Class: 2020

Academic Profile

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  • GPA: 3.70
  • PSAT: 770


I am a hard working student that strives for good grades. When homework gets rough, test and quizzes starting coming quickly I am determined to get down to business and get what needs to be done. I have fun in school and class when necessary but at the same time I come in the classroom 100% ready to learn. I stay focused on the task of hand and rarely get distracted when I have a lot of busy work. Being a student athlete has been a grind that I love because it feels good when both sides are being successful. It could be stressful but that what makes me great and at the the end of the day the books and the track is only gonna make me better. I am top 10 in the country indoor and top 18 for freshman. I am second team all non public state and 1st team all county. I am #1 in the state for indoor and outdoor freshman. Lastly I am a county champion and #1 in the county for all grades. This is my first chapter of my story.

Individual Statistics


Freshman Year Track

Race Event Best Time Location Date Season
  49.00 NJSIAA State Meet Of Champions 06.10.2017. 2017 Outdoor Season
  51.32 New Balance Nationals Indoor 03.11.2017. 2017 Indoor Season
  49.09 Union County Championships 05.18.2017. 2017 Outdoor Season
  48.48 Penn Relays Carnival 04.29.2017. 2017 Outdoor Season
  49.17 New Balance Nationals Outdoor 06.17.2017. 2017 Outdoor Season
  51.92 NJSIAA Group Championships 02.17.2017. 2017 Indoor Season
  49.41 NJSIAA Groups - 1, 4 & NP A 06.17.2017. 2017 Outdoor Season
  1:28.10 Molloy Stanner Games 01.14.2017. 600 meter dash 2017 Indoor Season
  36.55 NJCTC Indoor Championship 02.05.2017. 300 meter dash 2017 Indoor Season
  49.66 Union County Conference Championships 05.13.2017. 2017 Outdoor Season
  49.52 NJSIAA Sectionals - South - Groups 1, 4, NPA South 05.26.2017. 2017 Outdoor Season

Athletic Profile

Academic Honors & Awards

  1. I made the honor all four marking periods of my freshman year.
  2. Academic Excellence Award by Union Catholic Regional Highschool
  3. Awarded for World Studies
  4. Awarded for Math