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Main Info

  • Sport: Football
  • Position: OL / DT
  • Graduation Year: 2018
  • School: Allendale High School
  • High School Coach: Ben Burk
  • Gender: Male
  • Parent/Guardian: Donna & Larry Roehr
  • Date of Birth: October 25, 1999
  • Class: 2018

Academic Profile

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  • GPA: 3.30
  • PSAT: 1210


My name is Nathan Roehr and I am currently a junior at Allendale High School in Allendale, Michigan. My dream is to play collegiate football, and to become a teacher.

I have been a varsity starter since the beginning of my sophomore year. I play on both the offensive and defensive lines, as well as special teams. I am also a 3-year varsity wrestler. Here are some of the reasons I believe I can be a valuable addition to your program. I have been at combines and have been used as an example on my impeccable technique. I play with a wide base, have strong pad level technique with great bends in my knee. I have a strong ability to pass set, slide, and mirror. I am rarely on ground unless there is someone that I am on top of. I am able to be effective with pull blocks and hitting targets downfield. I can move the line of scrimmage, and am strong at finishing blocks.

Here is a link to my highlight tape

Favorite Colleges

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Athletic Profile

Team Record

  • W: 8 - L: 3 - T: 0

Athletic Honors & Awards

  1. Top 100 Offensive Lineman Classes 2018-2020
  2. 2nd Team Offense All-Elite Big Man Camp