NCAA College Softball Drills

December 22, 2011
by Justin

Welcome back to the Frozen Rope. The Frozen Rope is a NCAA college softball blog that’s dedicated to the you, the aspiring college athlete. The first week’s blog was all about the new softball bats for the 2012 season. Volume two, was about the top girl’s college softball programs in Division I. The second week’s article was a continuation of that story, with an emphasis on two smaller softball programs with similar national acclaim. This week, we’ll be getting into the meat and potatoes of NCAA college softball level drills, with a little help provided to you by Softball Performance. Let’s check them out right now.


NCAA College Softball Drill: The Drop Ball

When I took an interest in baseball in my youth, this was one of my first drills that I did with my friends on my block. The focus of this NCAA college softball drill is to improve the batter’s hand-eye coordination and quickness when hitting the softball.

Use a regulation bat and have a feeder stand a safe distance from the hitter. This should be done a comfortable distance but be sure to be close enough to be able to drop a whiffle softball into one of the three hitting zones. The softball feeder should be able to drop a softball that simulates either an inside pitch, an outside pitch, or a pitch down the middle. To drop the whiffle softball into the batter’s inside hitting zone, the feeder should drop the softball in front of the hitter at a point on the inside corner of the plate. To drop the whiffle softball into the outside hitting zone, the feeder should drop the ball in front of the hitter to the batter’s outside corner of the plate. To drop the whiffle softball into the middle of the batter’s hitting zone, the feeder should drop the ball in front of the hitter at a point in the middle of the plate.


NCAA College Softball Drill: Mano y Mano Hitting Derby

Mano y Mano is Spanish for one on one, and is a great NCAA college softball game you can play with your teammates. This drill is great because it evolves into a softball competition that mirrors baseball’s home run derby. For this drill you will need a batting cage, pitching machine and balls, bats, and helmets. This NCAA college softball game is best played with 2 to 5 players per cage. There are three outs per softball hitter, which can be determined by the participants. One softball player hits a at a time. See how many runs you can score in a seven or nine inning softball game. To increase difficulty, create an element where you call out your next hit i.e. pull to left center. Bunting, sacrifice flies, and hit-and-runs must all be verbally called out just before the pitch is released, and if the softball hit is not executed, that will count as an out. The on deck batters set up as the umpires and they determine what each hit was i.e. singles versus extra base hits.



NCAA College Softball Drill: The Snap Back

The Snap Back drill is an excellent NCAA college softball drill. The main purpose is to develop quick hands, a small stride, and forearm and wrist strength for softball hitting. Your partner should stand six feet from you behind a softball pitcher’s net and toss each softball in rapid succession to the contact point of the strike zone. The softball hitter is standing up and drives one softball after another into a net. The name of the drill, the Snap Back, is a reference to the movement during the swing and the snapping of the bat back to the starting position in preparation for the next softball toss.


That’s all for our journey this week. I hope this information will assist in your recruiting process. Be sure to continue to hit the cages and practice, because there is nothing that takes the place of great technique and hours of hard work. Check back next week for another installment. Until the next time, this is your favorite softball blog, The Frozen Rope, and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.

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