How the College Bound Athlete Should Plan for College

December 30, 2011
by Justin

Welcome back to the Frozen Rope. The Frozen Rope is a NCAA college softball blog that’s dedicated to the you, the aspiring college athlete. The first week’s blog was all about the new softball bats for the 2012 season. Volume two, was about the top girl’s college softball programs in Division I. The second week’s article was a continuation of that story, with an emphasis on two smaller college softball programs with similar national acclaim. Last week, we got into some great college softball drills, with a little help from Softball Performance. This week, I’ll pull back from my experience as a former college bound athlete, and give you some valuable tip that will definitely help your transition to the college level.


College Bound Athlete Tip #1: Prepare for the SAT or ACT

The funny thing about these types of test is that you can ask a hundred college bound athletes how to prepare for the SAT or ACT and you will probably get a hundred different answers. Every college bound athlete needs to know how to prepare for the SAT or ACT. Personally, as a former college bound athlete, I prepared with practice tests, prep courses, and private tutoring. Some of you may not have the time or resources to invest to prepare to take the SAT or ACT, but the reality is that the only way to make your process of becoming a college bound athlete seamless, you are going to have to do whatever you can.


I really can’t personally tell you the particular way to appropriately prepare for the SAT or ACT, but there are some basic approaches you can take as a college bound athlete. You’ll just have to decide which method is best for you. One way, is to use practice test to figure out whether you should take the SAT or ACT.  There are also some very cheap books online that you can buy for less than $20, that will be extremely effective in helping prepare for whatever test you take. The second option every college bound athlete should consider is preparing for the SAT or ACT with a Prep Class. I took my class with several college bound athletes from my own school, which turned out to be a great strategy. Every one of the students in my class was a college bound athlete, and we all kept each other motivated and even took our SAT on the same day at the same location. Individual SAT or ACT Tutoring is the most expensive route, but it may be your best option if you have a hectic schedule or you need help with the test taking strategy. My biggest tip is to study, have confidence in your own intelligence, and be prepared for a mental marathon.


College Bound Athlete Tip #2: Knock Out College Courses Before College

The one thing that I wish I did as a former college bound athlete was take transferable college courses before I got to college. It wasn’t that I had trouble with the academic rigor, it was just if I took just two classes a summer, I could have devoted more of my time to enjoying my college experience. Because of the structure of sports, and the fact that your life becomes surrounded by the business of it, you truly get no time to smell the roses. If you are an underclassmen in high school reading this, or if you are going to be a senior this next year, do yourself a favor and take at least two summer courses at your local community college. You’ll be able to not only graduate within four years, but you will able to graduate comfortably, without as much stress.


That’s all for our journey this week. Be sure to continue to hit the cages and practice, because outside of great academics, there is nothing that takes the place of great technique and hours of hard work. Check back next week for another installment. Until the next time, this is your favorite college softball blog, The Frozen Rope, and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.

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