Drills for College Softball Recruits

January 5, 2012
by Justin

Welcome back to the Frozen Rope. The Frozen Rope is a NCAA college softball blog that’s dedicated to the you, the aspiring college athlete. The first week’s blog was all about the new softball bats for the 2012 season. Volume two, was about the top girl’s college softball programs in Division I. The second week’s article was a continuation of that story, with an emphasis on two smaller college softball programs with similar national acclaim. In volume four we got into some great college softball drills, with a little help from Softball Performance, while volume five was all about tips for the college bound athlete’s transition from high school. This week, we’ll get back to the basics with Softball Performance, and get into some high level drills for the college softball recruits. Let’s get into them right now.


Drills for College Softball Recruits: Steal the Bacon

The purpose of this drill for college softball recruits is to increase ball-handling skills and practice tagging runners. For this drill, you will need one softball and gloves for each player. Divide into two groups (give each two softball players one numbers) and line up across from each other. The college softball coach or whoever facilitates the drill puts a softball half way in between the lines and yells out a number. Both softball players with this number run toward the softball and try to grab it, hence the title of this drill, steal the bacon. When one of the softball players picks up the softball, the other tries to tag her with the glove. The softball player who picks up the softball tries to run back to the line without being tagged. Award one team a point if its player gets back to the line without being tagged. Award the other team a point if its player makes the tag before the runner reaches the line. Players can also run with the ball in their bare hands when trying to make a tag. Two important rules: no points are awarded if a player drops the softball during the drill and both players who are called have to touch the line before they can run back to that start point or tag the opposition out with the softball in hand.


Drills for College Softball Recruits: Do or Die Softball Pop Flies

The purpose of this drill for college softball recruits, is to develop the outfielder’s ability to judge the flight of a fly ball and move to make the catch. This is a good softball fielding drill for outfielders or infielder who want to protect against shallow fly balls over their heads. For this drill, you will need a bucket of softballs and gloves. On the coach’s command, the outfielder should sprint deep into the outfield and at that point, the coach throws the ball to the outfielder. The distance the outfielder runs depends on the flight of the ball. The softball coach’s throw should lead the player so that they continue running in order to make the catch, yet have to extend themselves to catch the softball. The outfielder should look back over her shoulder for the softball as she runs and once the coach releases the softball, the outfielder should judge where the trajectory of the softball. The player should be thrown fly balls to her left, to her right, and over her head.


That’s all for our journey this week. Be sure to continue to hit the cages and practice, because outside of great academics, there is nothing that takes the place of great technique and hours of hard work. Check back next week for another installment. Until the next time, this is your favorite college softball blog, The Frozen Rope, and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.


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