Best College Softball Bats

December 4, 2011
by Justin

One of my favorite movies is Kill Bill, a movie directed by one of my favorite directors Quentin Tarantino. The object that pushed much of the action was a special swords made by the best blacksmith in the world, Hattori Hanzo. If a samurai is only as good as their sword, a softball player is only as good as her softball bat.

If you are looking for a great tips, drills and equipment reviews, you’ve came to the right place. Welcome to the Frozen Rope, the college softball blog written by the @HempsteadHuddle, and provided to you by ScoutMe. In the next coming weeks The Frozen Rope will be exploring new and innovative softball techniques that will push your game to the college softball level. This week is all about the new line of softball bats for the 2012 season. With the season looming and the holidays around the corner, you should be considering an upgrade in your softball equipment. Whether you are a left-handed slap hitter of a right-handed slugger, we have a detailed review for all the softball bats you should consider for purchase. Check out these softball bats.

Softball Bat #1: The Louisville Slugger TPS XENO Composite: FP12X

Louisville Slugger is to baseball and softball what Spalding is to basketball. Basically, the Louisville Slugger brand is synonymous with every bat swinging sport. It’s no surprise that they continually produce quality softball bats every year. The mother of all softball bats has cranked out another solid offering and that product goes by the name of the TPS XENO: FP12X. The bat has excellent responsiveness on every part of the barrel. The sweet spot is probably the best in it’s class, and it outperforms the DeMarini CF4 by leaps and bounds. This isn’t the cheapest bat on the market at $299.99, but if you are bringing the technique, this softball bat will take you to the college softball level. This bat is primarily for power hitters, and should be used accordingly. The last thing you want is your bunt to turn into a line drive to an infielder. The main complaint from the softball players who use this bat is the horrible sound of the bat. Whenever you hit a softball, it sounds like you’re breaking glass or dropping a porcelain plate in your kitchen.

Softball Bat #2: The Easton Stealth Speed: SSR4B

Easton is another company that is synonymous to major college softball bats and their successful, yearly production. The Stealth Speed is softball bat that you will have to break in a little bit, but once you get used to the speed of the bat you will notice a great sweet spot. This softball bat is aesthetically pleasing and will feel better in your hands than the TPS XENO. This bat is also great for college softball level, slap hitters and is lighter on your wallet at $229.99. This bat is definitely the most versatile of this class, and overall a great choice for any college softball recruit. There have been some consumer complaints about this softball bat; like the Demarini CF4, some softball players have issues with the loss of pop after six months of solid use. If it takes you awhile to break this softball bat in, you should be weary of investing $200 in a bat, especially if you play softball year-around.

These softball bats are great tools, which will assist in your recruiting process. Remember to do your own research so that you can figure out what fits you as a softball hitter; you may prefer softball bats like the new Demarini CF5 or a whole other softball bat I didn’t even review. Overall, there is nothing that takes the place of great technique and hours of hard work. Check back next week for another installment. Until the next time, this is your favorite softball blog, The Frozen Rope, and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.

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