World Class Training in the Palm of your hand?

April 27, 2010
by Justin


Have you ever wondered how do the pros train? Have you ever wondered how can you be as good as the pros? Well Nike may have finally provided the answers in the palm of your hand. Nike’s latest offers 3 different 4-week training programs (Master Control, Master Accuracy and Master Speed) developed by some of the world’s best coaches. Its elite, its comprehensive, and oh yeah it’s FREE!

It doesn’t matter if you are a coach or a player there’s an app for everybody. Each app provides video training drills featuring some of the world’s best footballers.  With each drill building on the next skill set. You even get one on one training from the likes of FC Barcelona, Juventus and the Brazilian National Team. And once you have completed the 4-week program you can take the Torres or Cesc Challenge. Then log your score and see what other footballers across the world scored and just maybe you can call yourself the Master.

So does this really work? How comprehensive are the individual training drills? For most I would imagine these are extremely helpful. Ultimately with everything, you will get out of it what you put in. The drills begin fairly elementary but eventually by the fourth week they certainly increase in their degree of difficulty.  Having played soccer for most of my life I can tell you that many of these drills I am sure most of you will have seen before. Where I found most of the benefit from these training programs is that they serve as a guide for perhaps your own training. So instead of going in your backyard and juggling the ball for four hours you can use these structured programs to really hone in on specific skill sets. We feel that no matter what level you are, repetition and practice is the recipe for success, and running through each of these programs can only help. And from what we can see a vast majority of the reviews would agree.

Unfortunately, it is a software application and there will be problems with some of the technical sides of the application. For example, if you are practicing in an area with limited reception it will be difficult to view many of the videos. Another problem has been the software itself. Master Speed has been riddled with bugs and has certainly seen its fair share of disappointers. Hopefully with Nike’s most recent application release, Nike Football + Team Edition , it will include smooth navigation. Unfortunately for us this application is only offered on the iPad so we were unable to review it.   You should find all these programs useful to some degree and perhaps we might see more of these in the coming years for all sports? What has been your experience with these applications?

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