Myth of the High School Soccer Offseason

January 10, 2012
by Justin

Welcome to The Golden Boot, a sport-specific training resource provided to you by ScoutMe. The first volume of The Golden Boot was a Shoe Science review on my favorite subject (you guessed it), shoes. This week The Golden Boot will go head first into the myth of the high school soccer offseason and the things you can do now to make your next season that much better.


First things first; if you are reading this article you are confirming that you are interested in playing soccer beyond the high school soccer level. Since we are being honest, let’s be clear about one thing; there is no offseason for aspiring college soccer players. Future college athletes should be aware that if they do not take a business-like approach to their respective sport, their glory days will end after the final whistle in their last high school soccer match. Being a college student-athlete will be your first test of adulthood, and if you take these tips in stride, you will succeed.


High School Soccer Offseason Tip #1: Take Up Another Sport

One of the most effective methods in improving in your favorite sport is to cross train. The great thing about high school athletics is that they are cheaper than club sports teams and they incredibly convenient because you already attend school at the location of your sport of choice. In regards to high school soccer, two sports correlate well with the game. Basketball is a winter sport that has several soccer style disciplines intertwined within the game. Basketball will improve your agility, quickness, and overall explosiveness. Basketball will also teach you more about the flow off an offence, timing, and footwork that translates well on the high school soccer field. The other sport that translates well to the high school soccer is track and field. Whether you run the 100-meter dash to increase your explosive, top-end speed or you run distance events to increase your stamina, track and field is the perfect spring sport to help you keep in shape during the high school soccer offseason.


High School Soccer Offseason Tip #2: Join a Club Team

I have a whole piece about how to find an AAU team in the basketball section of the website. The same tactics are applicable to high school soccer players like yourself looking to improve in the offseason. Whether you live in rural Iowa, or big-city California, there should be an AAU-level, high school soccer team organization within 100 miles of your home. A great resource to find teams in your area is AAU sports website. If you visit this link, you will be able to search specific areas that will accommodate you and your family. Most AAU, high school soccer team websites will have a breakdown of the process needed to tryout for their organization. You can usually see their schedules for the upcoming year, including the local and national high school soccer tournaments they frequent. Your best bet it to try to find an soccer organization that suits your skill level, and a soccer team that you can shine on.


High School Soccer Offseason Tip #3: Find Someone to Train With

If you’ve ever worked out with a trainer, a coach, or a partner who motivates you, you can understand that having a workout buddy will take you to a high level. A workout partner will act as your safety net when you are lifting weights and push you beyond your mental limits during a workout. A trainer can be expensive, but you can work out with one of your peers from your high school soccer team for free.



Good luck with your high school soccer offseason, and make sure that when you step on the soccer field, you leave everything there. Check back next week for another installment of The Golden Boot; next week will have some great drills for you to try out in your soccer offseason regiment. Until then, this has been The Golden Boot, and I’m Yorick Hempstead signing off.




Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.



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