New College Lacrosse Equipment for 2012

January 25, 2012
by Justin

The game of lacrosse is a sport that is of historical proportions. People were playing it as early as the fifth century. This American-made sport is steeped in tradition; lacrosse is truly one of America’s original games. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, your game starts with the fundamentals. In Lacrosse, you can’t survive without a great foundation in speed and hand-eye coordination; the last aspect that every great college Lacrosse recruit needs is great equipment. College Lacrosse equipment is easily found, whether you are looking online or in stores. Preferably, when I’m searching for sporting goods and shoes that I have brand familiarity with, I purchase online. The pro about purchasing your college lacrosse equipment online is the selection. If you go to the Sport’s Authority, you are subject to their selection, from color to the brand of whatever item you’re interested in. Whether you are more inclined to shop online or in-person at your local sporting goods store, 110 Yards has you covered with some helpful reviews of new and even discontinued (even cheaper), college Lacrosse equipment. Let’s check them out.


New Lacrosse Equipment: Brine Lacrosse Sticks For Less

Brine Lacrosse Sticks are simply some of the best pieces of Lacrosse equipment you can buy. Even if you are getting last season’s model, a Brine Lacrosse stick is consistently one of the best no matter the year released. The fact is that since 1922, Brine has not only been one of the leading brands in Lacrosse, but also in soccer. Though their Lacrosse sticks are notoriously expensive, they are consistently well built. Aside from always giving college Lacrosse equipment buyers bang for their buck, Brine Lacrosse sticks are sold on many online sites cheaper than what you can buy them in the most stores. With many websites overstocking college Lacrosse equipment like Brine Lacrosse sticks, the best time to look for Lacrosse sticks in during the offseason. You can find last season’s Brine Lacrosse sticks for 20-60% off at several places like Lacrosse Monkey, Lax World and Com Lax. Check out these sites before you spend your hard earned money on your next Lacrosse stick.


New Lacrosse Equipment: Goalie Heads

Goalie Heads are an integral piece of equipment that can change the momentum of any Lacrosse game. They usually run between $40-130, and come with designated certifications for the high school to the college Lacrosse level. The most important aspect of this piece of college Lacrosse equipment is personal comfort for the player using it. The goalie head is actually a piece of college Lacrosse equipment that should be bought in person, unless you have history with the brand. For this reason, it is very challenging for manufacturers and reviewers like me to give their opinion when it comes to the best lacrosse goalie heads. Overall, Lacrosse Monkey, Lax World and Com Lax are still great online resources for cheaper goalie heads.


New Lacrosse Equipment: Warrior Lacrosse TII Helmet

Another great college Lacrosse equipment brand outside of Brine is the Warrior Lacrosse brand. Their largest claim to fame is their helmets, specifically the 2012 season’s model the TII. There have been several complaints about this new motto, because it isn’t customizable like the past Warriors helmets. The suggestion of 110 Yards is to not purchase these new helmets until they tighten up the design. The past Warriors helmets are still available for purchase, and you can find them online or at your local college Lacrosse equipment dealer.


The only limit your skill has is the limits you place upon yourself. This is 110 yards of Fury, and I’m Yorick Hempstead signing off.




Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.



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