The College of Golf VIII: How to Improve Your Top Golf Resume

November 24, 2011

As a former college athlete who now works in the real world, I know the importance of a great resume. A resume can be the difference between a job offer or an application denial. The same goes for high school golfers and their top golf resumes. A top golf resume has a highlight tape displaying […]

College of Golf Vol. VII: Back to Golf School Shopping

November 10, 2011

Every kids loves back to school shopping, almost as much as every golfer loves back to golf school shopping. Welcome back to College of Golf, the ultimate golf school for training, tips and techniques, provided to you by ScoutMe. Even if you don’t live in great winter, golfing state like Arizona and California, the College […]

College of Golf Vol. VI: Golf School Daze

November 4, 2011

Winter break will soon be here, so you know what that means for the College of Golf; golf and more time to play golf. Welcome back to College of Golf (formerly Go for the Green), the ultimate golf school for training, tips and techniques, provided to you by ScoutMe. Even if you don’t live in […]

Go for the Green Vol 3: Miniature Golf

October 12, 2011

Sometimes I wish golf was all about putting. Putting is my favorite aspect of golf and is something that I always found joy in doing. Whenever I watch a championship golf match, I always notice who is putting the best. If you have read both volumes prior to this column, you probably have concluded that […]

Go for the Green Vol 2: Tame Your Short Game

September 28, 2011

On a mild winter’s morning, at the Ahwatukee Country Club, I honed my skills. I hit buckets of balls with my Father with my new set of clubs. My Dad, who I affectionately refer to as Pops, was a seasoned veteran of the course. He showed me the ropes and taught me proper golf etiquette. […]

Go for the Green: How to weight lift without losing your swing

September 23, 2011

It was a beautiful summer day in Hollywood when the world finally took notice of a young man from Tupelo, Mississippi they called “Elvis the Pelvis.” Elvis Aaron Presley knew then what every great golfer knows now; it’s all in the hips. Golf is a sport that values flexibility over mass. When was the last […]

The Secret To A Perfect Golf Swing

August 30, 2011

A successful golf swing relies heavily on the perfect grip, which not only gives you better control of the ball, but also the best control of your game. The way you hold your club affects the flight of the ball so much that the grip is also often called the golf swing’s “the steering wheel”. […]

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