The Secret To A Perfect Golf Swing

August 30, 2011
by Justin

A successful golf swing relies heavily on the perfect grip, which not only gives you better control of the ball, but also the best control of your game. The way you hold your club affects the flight of the ball so much that the grip is also often called the golf swing’s “the steering wheel”.

Aside from grip variations—which every serious golfer should familiarize himself with—it is also important to take note of the grip that is fitted on your clubs. There are two types of grips based on the size of a golfer’s hand. A player with large hands should get a men’s grip fitted on his club; whereas a player who has small hands should get a ladies’ grip fitted instead. Having your clubs fitted with the appropriate grip ensures that you can take better control of swings.

Of course, tips concerning the golf swing are only general guidelines that should eventually be customized based on the player’s individual preferences and unique skills. Take the time to hit several golf balls in order to familiarize yourself with the best grip that works for you. And while doing so, take note of the following key golf tips to get you started on gripping your golf clubs right.

The golf club is best placed in your left hand in such as way that it crosses the left palm from the base of the forefinger to just above the pinky finger. The palm is then wrapped around the top of the grip while the fingers fold to keep the handle steady. The right hand’s fingers are folded around the left ones, palms facing each other. This basically is how you grip the golf club right. Search the net for how to golf videos in order to get a more accurate visual picture of the perfect basic grip.

From this point, you can try out different grip variations and find the one that suits your needs through experimentation. There are two ways to grip a golf club: the interlocking grip, which works best for golfers with small hands and fingers; and the overlapping grip, which is ideal best for golfers with large hands. These grips can be done in three different ways: the weak position, where the knuckles of the left hand are completely concealed; the neutral position, where one knuckle of the left hand can be seen; and the strong position, where two-thirds of the left hand knuckles is showing. A good golf swing video can give you visual insights into this particular topic.

A swing that tends to curve to the right can be corrected by moving your grip towards the strong position. Whereas, a swing that curves to the left should be corrected by moving towards the weak position. Once you hit the ball without the curve, then you’ve finally adjusted your grip to the right position.

The fundamentals of the golf swing are deeply rooted on learning the perfect grip. And it goes without saying that every hour you spent in perfecting your grip is time well worth it.

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