The Real Deal About Golf Clubs

August 30, 2011
by Justin

There may be several golf clubs to choose from for any given stroke, but only one can ever really combine perfectly with your techniques and skills to get the ball to where it’s supposed to be. Buying golf clubs is easy enough. It is choosing the best one to suit your golfing needs that should be given some smart and careful considerations. Beginners are especially prone to choosing the wrong club, misled by popular opinions about a certain brand that costs half their lifesavings! While expensive clubs do have certain benefits, your first new golf club need not really be too fancy.

Before you rush out to your favorite sporting goods store, take note of the following dos and don’ts guideline on how to buy the perfect golf club:


  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of clubs available in the market and how each can help improve your game.
  • Measure the length of the club against the distance between your navel and the ground when standing. This will ensure comfortably balanced strokes during play.
  • Take note of the grip on the club: men’s grips are for golfers with large hands, while ladies’ grips are for those with smaller hands.
  • Learn about shaft flex ratings. The “flex” refers to your shaft’s ability to bend against the forces applied to it during a swing. The ratings used for shaft flex are: stiff, extra stiff, regular, ladies, and senior which are often represented by the letters S, X, R, L and A respectively. A flex that is not a perfect match to the needs of your golf swing often results in off-target shots.
  • Do pay attention to the material of the golf club and how this can compliment your type of swing. Steel clubs are generally heavier and has lesser shaft flex so that they are better suited for slow swingers. Graphite clubs, on the other hand, are lighter in comparison and has higher shaft flex, better suited for fast swingers.
  • Mind your budget. If you can buy it used and cheap without compromising quality, then do so. New golf clubs that are made of steel are often less costly, but with better longevity.


  • Take golf club prices lightly. It is easy to get sucked into a trend, especially when you are just starting out, but you’ll have to ask yourself: will you be able to keep up with this game long enough to get an expensive golf club’s worth? Try it out with a quality club that is cheaper in price. When you have managed to stay longer than you and everybody else have expected, then perhaps you can then reward yourself with a Ping.
  • Get caught in the often misleading propaganda behind highly advertised top golf clubs. Just because everybody else is using it, doesn’t mean it can serve you the same way, too.
  • Just randomly grab a club based on recommendation from a colleague or close friend. Instead, get a feel for the club—grip it, swing it, inspect every inch of it—before making a decision.

Golf clubs alone do not define the success of your game, but when they do compliment your techniques then you’re well on your way to hitting a hole in one.

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