Tee Off with the Rules

September 21, 2011
by Justin
Golf, a peaceful, enjoyable, therapeutic, yet high intensity game that has captivated cultures all over the world is a sport of distinguishable merit in the athletic world. For as great as golf is as a game; like every other sport there are rules.
The rules of golf are so specific, because the golf is so specific. One little inch can change your luck on the golf course from the rough, to the fairway. However one unique feature to golf is that distinguishes it from all other sports, is that it doesn’t have a standardized playing area. Instead it is played on golf courses that vary anywhere between 9 to 18 holes. The golfer is assesed by how many strokes it takes to tee off, and hit the ball to one of those said holes. In the United States, the rules of golf are set by the USGA, and a book that clarifies the rules is published every two years.
All golfers are allowed 1 caddie, who must assist the golfer, and not influence the movement of the ball in any way. One player will play against another player in a match. The winner of that match is determined when one side leads by a number of holes that succeeds the other number remaining to be played.
There are a few different ways to play this game. One notable way is stroke play. Stroke play is played when individual competitors play against each other, and turn in their score card for each stipulated round. The one with the most scores, with least amount of strokes is the winner.
In a gentlmanly manner these rules are easy to follow. The precision of this game does not outwiegh the fun.

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