Recruiting Talent with Brains!

September 23, 2011
by Justin
The season is approaching, and so is high school graduation. Your palms are sweaty thinking about all the time you’ve procrastinated your time by focusing on your golf tournaments. Your coach see’s potential in you, and decides to voice a recommendation for college recruitment. He even decides to assist in getting you exposure to many possible university scouting candidates. He then asks you, “how are your grades holding up? Also, when you’re not helping my reputation escalate in merit and prestige across the state by winning us tournaments; what else are you involved during the year?”!
You reply, “my grades are fine, and uh, um, uh…”.
If you feel you fall into this golf pro’s shoes, you’re probably not the only one.
Today, ??? standards have escalated to new heights by their need to show the recruiting commitee that this incoming student is not only a fine golfer, but is well accomplished, and will survive our academic program.  Here are a few tips when sending in your recruitment packet:
1. Let them know who you are! Universities want someone with a suitable GPA, and respect for the vested institution they are attending.
2. It’s not too late to boost your resume. Include a list of activities, extra curricular involvement, and work experience you may have attained over your 18 years of life.
3. Sure, get sports exposure! Golf recruiters want a caption of your talent so they can be confident when they’re drawing up the roster for the season. So, get someone to film your game activity so that you get properly represented to your golf recruiters.
4. Academics! Golf recruiters want to make sure that you have what it takes not only to survive the fairway, but the classroom. Include your ACT/SAT scores, along with Official High School Transcripts.
5. Provide a list of your golf stats, games, and some tournaments you’ve played or even attended.
Your talent is what brought you to this point, support it by letting that university know who it really is who’s attending! Bring it, and bringt it all; your golfing passion, your wit, your resume, your history, your transcripts, your test scores, yourself!

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