How to get Recruited in Junior Golf Tournaments

November 24, 2011
by Justin

Not like any other high school sports, the recruiting process for junior golf is much different. Most of the coaches lack the budget to travel and recruit the way other coaches do often for other sports like football. To the efforts both the parents and their juniors do, junior golfers can utilize the golf recruiting services such attending a junior golf tour. These services can contact the coach on your behalf who will try and get your information to other golf clubs. The services cannot assure you a scholarship but can indeed get you get noticed to a junior golf tournaments.

The AJGA forsook its tournament selection process in 2003 based on not only the strength of the tournament application but also based on the entry process. The process enabled members from 12 to 18 years to get their way into the AJGA open tournament. The selection entirely relied on the performance of the junior members at the national, state and regional level.  If in case you are playing high school golf and you are wondering why college coaches are not scouting you, maybe is because you do not possess the following traits. For you to be eligible member of the junior PGA then you must be at least 13 years of age and not older than 18 years. In fact an 18 year old player may not have started high school.

The PGA of America also allows all juniors golfers to compete in the local PGA junior golf sections. Interestingly, there is no membership fee needed to join the PGA junior series. In addition, all the junior applicants are allowed to sign up for the tournament with the membership at the same time.  The age division for the tournament in ages is 16-18 years and 13-15 years respectively for both boys and girls tournaments.

The main responsibility of AJGA is basically to provide the best exposure for every young man and woman who aspires to be offered with a college scholarship. The PBE (Performance Based Entry) process ensures the strongest individual is selected for the opportunity. This is a measure that he or she has earned every right to compete at the junior level.

What experiences would one gain from a junior golf tour? The tour acts as a testing ground for the junior golf players who want to acquire post secondary scholarships or rather want to turn into professionals. For instance Alberta plays as a host for the best golfers in the province every year where most young players get a chance to show themselves.

A junior player can move to the next step by participating in an event conducted by the junior PGA series by heeding to some rules and regulations that bear on the participation of such an event. This includes the series policies for the junior PGA series. The rules and regulations for the tournament are categorized into field selection, conditions of play, eligibility, application process and so on. I mean something that can make the junior golf tournament be a successful event.

When a member applies for the tournament their name appears on the Application received page on the tournament website. If in case you are not selected to participate in the open tournament, definitely your name won’t appear on the page. This is because the application received sorts all players who have applied for participation by their status, age and location. They can also chose to do their selection with full exempt players who are at the top of the list, followed by junior players with who have participated in most Tournaments  Exemptions and players with the most performance status comes last.

Most junior golf players who have participated in the junior tournaments like Ryan Vest; who smacked a driver 160 yard on the fourth hole at the Vernon golf and Country Club to propel his club  higher level is pleased to have reached that level. Although he is five, the junior player is hardly passed by history and can tell you whoever finished in the second position in the last PGA junior tour. Never the less he can remember who the current young guns are on the block. Ryan did something that most of the juniors can do too to get recruited. He not only participated in the tournaments and watched other golfers demonstrate their kills on TV, but he practiced very hard to earn a golf tour like professional golfers.

Otherwise, if you play high school golf and you’re wondering why college coaches are not scouting you. Have you joined a junior tour? Outside of what you do within the high school season one of the best ways to get scouted is joining a Junior Tour. Some Tours are too expensive while others are not. Find the right Tour for you and get scouted!

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