Go for the Green: How to weight lift without losing your swing

September 23, 2011
by Justin

It was a beautiful summer day in Hollywood when the world finally took notice of a young man from Tupelo, Mississippi they called “Elvis the Pelvis.” Elvis Aaron Presley knew then what every great golfer knows now; it’s all in the hips. Golf is a sport that values flexibility over mass. When was the last time you’ve seen a muscle bound, 250 pound golfer? Every great golfer has an incredible amount of core, shoulder and leg strength, but how to do you increase your distance off the tee without losing your touch?

Stretch Type: Hip Stretches

What does this workout address: Hip rotation and core explosion

Whether you are about to get in a good weight lifting session or you’re just at the driving range hitting a bucket of balls, it is imperative that you stretch. The first stretch you should do to increase your hip rotation is a simple straddling groin stretch. Open up you legs past the width of your shoulders and turn your hips into both sides while leaning in each direction in a side lunge for ten seconds. Follow this stretch with some wide stance squats. This stretch will get your blood flowing to your hips, increasing your mobility and flexion. Here is what this stretch looks like:  


Workout Type: Cable based pulleys

What does this workout address: Swing Strength

Golfers don’t need to lift large amounts of weight to be effective.  The main goal should be to increase your range of motion while focusing on building muscle stamina, when strength training for golf.

The first workout should be cable crossovers. This workout is done at a two-sided pulley station. The pulleys should be placed on the highest level for optimum extension. Your legs should be staggered and your back should be straight. Try to control your movement and not rock while you are doing this lift. To go deeper into the deltoid bend down further with just one pulley, bringing each arm to a 90 degree angle backwards and bringing it forward across your body.

Be sure to lift very light weight and increase your repetitions. The ultimate goal is to decrease scar tissue and increase flexion in the upper body. All workouts should be done equally on both sides so that there are no compensation issues in the muscle group. Here is what the cable crossover workout looks like:


Apply these training techniques and you will take your game to the next level. Be sure to constantly hit the range, especially after you lift, to fight through any sore or stiff muscles. You’ll see vast improvements in no time.


Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for Scoutme.com. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle. 

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