College of Golf Vol. VII: Back to Golf School Shopping

November 10, 2011
by Justin

Every kids loves back to school shopping, almost as much as every golfer loves back to golf school shopping. Welcome back to College of Golf, the ultimate golf school for training, tips and techniques, provided to you by ScoutMe. Even if you don’t live in great winter, golfing state like Arizona and California, the College of Golf will be here with great tips every week. In my personal quest for golf greatness, I have written several columns for the College of Golf. In volume one, the golf school explored weight training, while in two and three had tips for putting and short game in general. Week four explored my shoe obsession in my new series called Shoe Science, and in volume five I focused on the pre-swing fundamentals of the College of Golf. Volume six was all about effective tips from the golf school to improve your swing, with emphasis on aspects like the sweet spot on the driver. Speaking of drivers, volume seven is all about the new drivers that are being released in 2012. Let’s see what this season at the College of Golf is offering.

Callaway Razr Fit

The Razr Fit driver and fairway woods will be released on February 12th, 2012.  This driver will use Callaway’s Opti-Fit adjustable technology. It is rumored that this driver will allow you to adjust the sound of the club, along with the ability to change shafts and face angles.

Cobra Amp

The Cobra company has actually been on the cutting edge of driver production and is one of the College of Golf’s favorite drivers. According to the manufacturer, the Cobra Amp comes with Cobra’s Advanced Multi-Material Construction, E9 Face Technology With Dual Roll, and Adjustable Flight Technology. I have no idea what that means but whatever it is, I like it!!! All of this is designed to give the Cobra Amp solid construction, consistent shot making, swing forgiveness, and pro-level distance.

Nike VRS 

I’ve always wanted a set of Nike clubs being a Tiger Woods fan, even though my dad’s set of Ping clubs have always been my guilty pleasure. The new VRS may be the driver that takes me over to team Nike. The VR series has not been very popular, especially over the past two years. I guess the College of Golf will see what happens.

Titleist VG3C

Titleist is a company known for high quality and pro-level performance. The VG3C looks like another example of their legacy. Currently, the VG3C is available in Japan and is catching rave reviews from the early, overseas release. The College of Golf can’t wait to get a hold of one these drivers.


As the offseason approaches at the College of Golf, and your golf swing is traded in for costumes and pumpkin pie, we advise you to keep your golf school in mind. Chip a few balls on the front lawn and hit the driving range whenever you can because there is no offseason here at the College of Golf. Until you’re on the heels of Tiger Woods, this is the ultimate golf school, the College of Golf, and I’m Yorick Hempstead, signing off.


Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.

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