Assess, and Win It!

October 12, 2011
by Justin

There’s a little bit of a golfer in all of us. For instance, there is a part of each of us that likes to get out on an open green, swing at golf balls until they fly off in the distance barely out of sight. Each of us has a desire to win at something; compete in something, and be wanted for something that we do, or that is a part of us. Well, golf is no different.


In Albuquerque, New Mexico, one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon was head to the driving range to practice my golf swing. I would hit the golf balls until they vanished into the panoramic southwest horizon. It was therapeutic, fun, and soothing. I could have done that for hours. All of a sudden, it dawned on me. Who would be watching me for my talent?


When in high school it is very unlikely that when you play golf at any of your tournaments that you feel that pressure of a talent scout watching you. You are probably competing for the mere fun of the game, and fulfillment of competition. Or, so you thought…


You don’t want those moments to pass in regret. Especially when you are craving that one chance to go on to play college and even later pro-golf.  What’s encouraging is that there are tons of resources at your disposal. For instance, with over 500 scholarships within the NCAA for golf alone, it proves that your sport (golf) is a popular one, and there is definitely competition. According to the latest research among the many accolades that allow you to be recruited into your college of choice, you have to meet certain criteria within NJCAA and NCAA standards.


In order to stand out to recruiters it is imperative that you have:


  1. Good standing ACT/SAT results
  2. A suitable GPA. Colleges are held to NCAA standards on a strict level in this field.
  3. Resume: Show them what jobs, extra-curricular activities, charities, clubs, volunteer positions, internships, camps, tournaments, games, stats, and schools you’ve been engaged in.
  4. Recommended: a video of your golf games and achievements.
  5. An edge? In order for scholarship donors and recruitment specialists to single you out from every other golfer swinging his/her 9-iron, there has to be something about your game that proves to them that golf runs in your blood. Not just flashy attire that stands out, but an ability to turn heads, which means, practice.


Also, if you haven’t fit some of these requirements, let me fill you in on some of the perks of doing so. First off, golf camps. If you haven’t attended a college golf camp, let me tell you of the goldmine that can be for your odds of being recruited. Golf camps are usually staffed with people who are really seasoned in the game. They’ve either played pro, or college, and they have been through the ropes. When entering a golf camp, you’ll not only be able to exercise your golfing skill, but your networking skills as well. There will be people there who can offer ADVICE to you that will help you know what to look for when recruiters start to prowl the sidelines of your tournament inspecting your game. Furthermore, you will also know what your peers are doing in order to be noticed by recruiters. One of the best ways to become excellent in your golfing abilities is to model excellence. You will have the ability to ask questions, train your putting and swinging, and weathering skills while attaining wonderful resume fodder for your prospective college.


Now, let me take a second to alleviate some of the pressure, I mention these aspects of the game not to scare you, but to prepare you. Many people believe it only counts during your countdown moments in your senior year of high school. However, by starting early on, and equipping yourself early on, you are being conditioned to be ready for hire in that moment of proof.


One more thing about college golf camps, before I get off my soapbox, its rich with eyes. What do I mean by that?

College golf camps are filled with talent scouts, and recruiters that are checking out the new season of golf talent. Not only will you be able to perfect your golf, you will be able to open a door by talking and getting to know your recruiters. Since college sports have a restrictive budget, resources are limited as well. So college recruiters are looking for that one golfer who makes a good impression, and has the college qualifications that back him/her. It’s an exciting time, and the payoff is endless. So look into it, and for more detailed information on golf recruiting and gold camps, follow my next article here on You will be happy you did.


Caleb Nichols is a former athlete, and sports writer for Follow him on Twitter,, and for more helpful sports tips and information.

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