Strength Training and Offseason Training Tips

December 19, 2011
by Justin

What drills for football do you incorporate into your workouts? Are you intent on having a standout football season? Now that the season is over some of you are probably thinking what can I do in order to maintain a high level of performance? Here are some of the tips for offseason training, drills and workouts. These workouts enable you to condition your body to gain strength and speed; all of which have a positive impact on the level of your game. Strength training through exercise workouts may be very demanding in terms of physical strain but the reward is also great for those who have the guts to brave it out!

As we all know football is a high velocity, powerful game that encompasses both mental and physical agility. One experiences a lot of pushing, pulling and shoving during the course of the game; such that the body  will be always trying to find a stabilizing equilibrium so as to balance the opposing forces. It is on this very aspect that you should model your workout training program.

The first workout is to incorporate training drills that enable you achieve stability in your core muscles; these might include abdominal low back exercises, rotational movement and a little flexing. Workouts that are known to target the core include prone, side planks and rollouts possibly with the physio ball.

For the obvious reason that the upper body is constantly pushing and resisting it may be of great benefit to include squats and a level of bench presses in the training drills. It however, should be noted that max lifts should not be overemphasized as it limits the player from developing his eccentric phase of the lift which is very important in developing the player’s strength to counter outside forces. This is a key aspect of any football players’ fitness level. All these can be achieved by incorporating lifting tempos during workouts.

Since the football players are permanently engaged in the actual field of play making compound movements by the minute, the coach should include compound exercises such as  pull ups, walking bar-bell lunges, Romanian lifts and if available the jammer extension machine.

Velocity is an important aspect of football, that is impeded by forceful  resistance from opponents this can be countered by incorporating Olympic weights in the training program such that the player learns to work the forces up his body eventually exploding through the lower body. One should also incorporate isolated work outs during the conditioning drills but they should not take precedence over the others.

A good workout program is one which incorporates string training which focuses on muscular endurance, speed, flexibility and mobility. It also has conditioning drills which help the athlete achieve the desired results. However it should be noted that the aspect of mental fitness is a vital thing that compliments physical fitness, coaches should endeavor to ensure that their athletes are at peak mental states during games and training. The intersection of these two spheres the mental and the physical is want makes the difference between a peak athlete and an average one.

These work out programs are not easy, neither are they an overnight thing. One should dedicate himself by sticking to the programs and the hard work of training will definitely surface in the actual field of play, depending on how much you put in your strength training schedule.

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