Lifting All The Way

September 20, 2011
by Justin


As a football player strength training is going to be the key to help you stay injury free and get bigger and stronger for the season. Your strength training program will vary on what position you’re playing.

What does change is the different phases of training that will help you get ready for the football season.

There are 3 major phases:

-Off season

-In season



In the off season your goal is to build muscle and power to get ready for in season. So you would be doing heavier lifting and more max sets. This is also the perfect time to introduce new exercises and training techniques as well. It all about bulking up and building muscle memory in the off season.

During the season, training is all about staying injury free and maintaining the strength and power you gained in the off season. You weights would decrease and reps would increase and you can also add super sets and other football training exercises. Such as the use of a medicine ball.

Every position will train slightly different during this phase. Linemen will bulk up more and continue to lift a little heavier during the season. Wide receivers defensive back and tailbacks training is more about power speed. So their training program will be lighter, more super sets, high intensity training (HIT) and speed training.

With the off season being somewhere between 6-7 months you will have to develop different levels of your training to where you peak when the season begins and not somewhere during off season. For example in the off season you should stick to developing the big muscles that will help you block and run. You should split your routine into different body parts to allow for some recovery. When doing Olympics style lifting your want to allow for little longer rest. These exercises can get the heart going and you don’t want to have bad technique while lifting because this might cause an injury. Along with your lifting routine you don’t want to forget about your position specific exercises on the field. So don’t load up on too many days at the gym.  And the most important thing to your strength training work out is stretching after your workout. Stretching helps to prevent the muscle from shortening and helps with injury prevention.

The transition phase is all about rest. Giving your body some time off from the hard work of the season. This time is critical in helping you gear up for off season again.

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