Gridiron Grit Vol. III: In College Football, Defense Wins Championships Part 3

November 10, 2011
by Justin

You already know the almighty cliché; defense wins championships. Honestly, it didn’t matter what sport I was playing; great defense was always the main focus. Football has had some legendary people line up opposite of the offense. Reggie White is my favorite defensive lineman, and someone who I think personifies what defensive football is all about. When it comes to defensive football, the SEC is the conference that holds the college football crown. LSU football, the number one college football team in the nation, has produced some of the top defensive players over the last decade, including current NFL rookie, Patrick Peterson. LSU football’s last defensive star before Peterson was Glenn Dorsey, who dominated college football his final two seasons at LSU. Dorsey is LSU football royalty, but how did he get to that position?

Welcome back to Gridiron Grit, your one-stop shop for next-level, college football training, tips and techniques, provided to you by ScoutMe. In volume one we explored weight training, while in two we focused on gaining weight without compromising your lean muscle mass. This is the third installment of volume three of the Gridiron Grit series, specifically dedicated to the defensive side of college football. All three phases will be highlighted and broken down from top to bottom. The first portion was all about the defensive backs, so naturally the second level of the defense, the linebackers, was the main topic for last week’s issue. Now we are moving to an area where the game is truly won; the trenches of college football, the defensive line. Here are LSU football’s defensive line drills that keep their team at college football’s number one spot.

The Breakdown

There are two rules that this drill teaches defensive lineman; you can never be too low and you can’t ever over-pursue. This drill simulates the times as a defensive lineman that you are unblocked and you have to eliminate a running lane or even stop the play coming from behind. Having gap discipline is imperative to stopping a running play from going to the second level and will force a defense to have to account for you, no matter the scheme. Check out this drill that the LSU football executes in real time every Saturday in Baton Rouge.

Sled Extension to Wrap

The Zone Blocking schemes most high-level college football offenses run, has made the LSU football’s defensive lineman positions even more valuable. The sled extension to wrap drill is great to simulate a game speed movement that happens on every running play. The defensive lineman’s goal is to push the offensive lineman off their path and to eliminate the offensive player’s progress in the backfield. Here are LSU football’s defensive linemen showing you how to execute this drill.

LSU football is on top of college football this year and looks to be for years to come. The SEC, which is college football’s toughest conference, has two teams (Alabama and LSU) that have crossed paths, and LSU football is the front-runner for this year’s BCS College Football Championship. If you ever want to play on college football’s highest level like an LSU Tiger, follow these drills. Until the next time, this is Gridiron Grit, and this is Yorick Hempstead signing off.





Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for ScoutMe. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.


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