Getting Faster for Football

September 20, 2011
by Justin

To become a great football player speed is the key. It’s just as important as weight lifting. Most football players cover around 15-20yards and just a small improvement in speed will help you on the field.

In order to start your journey on getting faster you have to realize that the more powerful you legs are the faster you become. Power comes from both strength and speed.  You can strengthen your legs through strength training exercise such as leg press, lunges and dead lifts.

The other way is through short sprints such as 60 m and 100m and light plyometrics is a great start. Plyometrics sometimes can be complicated but once learned becomes very effective. When you start to speed training you have to make sure not to over train, which will lead to injuries. With running it’s all about running technique the more efficiently you can run the faster you can be. There are two basic phases of sprinting- the acceleration phase and speed phase. As football players you never reach your top speed unlike a sprinter because of all those cuts you make.

Here are tips for acceleration form:

–       Run with the balls of your feet

–       Lean slightly forward

–       Drive with your knee

–       Pump your arms along with your body

–       Keep your head and shoulders square

To help improve your speed you to need to set time aside to practice. Usually base season is the best time to practice getting faster. You can do thing such as 100m break down or a 10m, 20m 30m 40m, 50m pyramid series; where you run all those distance and do them again in reverse. Technique is also very important, you should not run all out, build you form and technique first and your speed will come as well.

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