NCAA Clearinghouse Registration Guidelines and Information

December 29, 2012
by Justin

NCAA Clearinghouse Registration Guidelines and Information


NCAA Clearinghouse Registration has recently been called the NCAA Eligibility Center. Indeed, registering for the NCAA clearinghouse is a favoured notion among sports talents who dreams that one day, they will become eligible to play college sports. So popular is the idea that in a recent study, it shows that over 180,000 individuals who are college athletes potential take their time to register with clearinghouse NCAA every year. Talking about the availability of talent and skills!


NCAA Clearinghouse Registration Starts Today

If you are one of those who are interested in submitting your registration for the NCAA clearinghouse eligibility, perhaps you have the intention to receive a DI or DII level scholarship, aside from just playing at the NCAA College sports. The NCAA Eligibility Center, or the previously known NCAA Clearinghouse Registration, is the organization which will ultimately decide and determine the amateur status, as well as the academic eligibility for all athletes across the NCAA DI and DII levels.


The following information highlights the process for

NCAA Clearinghouse Registration.


Step One – Create an Account


To register with clearinghouse NCAA, it is important to create an account with the organization. The best time to do so is during the junior year in high school so as to give ample time for processing clearance at the end of the school year. However, this step is not compulsory right at that point. However, eventually, all athletes will have to register for the NCAA clearinghouse eligibility.


Step Two – Compliance to Requirements


After the account is created, the applicant has to complete several more steps which include submitting record transcripts, test scores, and of course, answers to the amateur status questionnaire. As a reminder, test scores and transcripts will not be done by the applicant himself. This step needs to be done by the testing center (test scores) and the high school (transcripts).


Step Three – Logging In to complete the clearinghouse NCAA process


After creating the account, and complying with the requirements, an email will be sent which needs to be checked. Then log in to the organization’s website to complete the process of NCAA clearinghouse eligibility registration.


After everything is done on your part, it is up to the clearinghouse NCAA organization to proceed with the rest of the process. As a note, the organization will not review an applicant’s information unless an NCAA University coach requests for it. Thus, if you have already completed the NCAA clearinghouse eligibility registration, and have not yet completed your eligibility status, most likely a coach has not requested for review yet. Reality is, a whopping 60% of registered athletes never get a request for review from a college coach.


Thus, it is necessary to look back at the academic requirements set by clearinghouse eligibility organization. This will determine if indeed, you are cut to receiving an athletic scholarship from the clearinghouse NCAA.  The requirement starts with Initial Eligibility. A student should complete the process for acquiring Initial Eligibility. Initial Eligibility refers to the athlete’s eligibility to undergo competition, practice, and of course, receiving an athletic scholarship as a freshman. This type of eligibility needs to be established in NAIA as well as in NCAA Division I and Division II. For Division III, there are no eligibility rules, so long as the athlete is admitted to the school as a degree seeking student. For clearinghouse NCAA compliance, Initial Eligibility has five different parts. They are as follows:


Graduation from High School


All athletes should graduate from high school in order to register with the clearinghouse eligibility organization, and eventually play as a freshman. This involves completing all graduation requirements including taking all exams.


Sufficient GPA and Class Rank


Minimum GPA is set at 2.000 on a 4.000 scale. In both Divisions I and II, GPA is calculated using core curriculum classes that needs to be completed by the students.


Sufficient Test Score


For NAIA, a minimum 860 SAT test score for Reading and Math is required, and an ACT composite score of 18. NCAA Division II requires 820 SAT, and sum score of 68 for ACT, while on Division I, minimum required is based on the GPA on a sliding scale. To be acknowledged by clearinghouse NCAA later on, the absolute minimum score is 400 for SAT or ACT score of 37 sum.


Completing a Core Curriculum


Student-Athletes should complete 16 core courses on the same subject areas.


Indeed, NCAA Clearinghouse Registration is a tough process. But keep in mind, this process has something to do with your future as an athlete and a student. Thus, there is a need to take time in considering all the necessary requirements before submitting registration. The NCAA Clearinghouse Registration is just one step to the college recruiting process, don’t miss your chance to get recruited create your free profile today!

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