Football Student Athletes Get Paid? NCAA Say’s “No”!

September 24, 2011
by Justin
Unfortunately for the NCAA, student athletes aren’t paid due to their status as students. Universities don’t consider student athletes as university employees that are paid per performance. However, I shouldn’t say that they don’t get anything for representing the university. Some students get grants up to $100,000 for their team participation. Now I don’t know about you, but that seems like a pretty nice stipend for playing a sport you love. Nevertheless, if student athletes were being paid salary for their athletic contribution, then you’d probably have more students trying to get on the team, because playing a round of golf may sound more enticing than bussing tables at Buca Di Beppo. Volleyball might sound a little more fun for a few hours of scraping gum off of the university library tables for your work-study program. Nevertheless, the NCAA came out with a study that conveyed that student athletes were highly engaged in academics and community. Furthermore, student athletes were more likely to earn higher wages after college than non-student athletes. That might peak your interest!
Nevertheless, many critics have suggested to the NCAA that football players should be compensated for their play, because they generate more money for the school. However, studies have shown that the NCAA has lost money due to championships in football, and so cut the loss with their general funding for the sports. However if the NCAA did in fact fund only football student athletes with salaries, critics to that opinion have suggested that would not only deplete the resources for other teams, but the balance would be tipped for student athletes, and incentive would be cut. The NCAA has a sound mind when it comes to compensating football players. Furthermore, it’s arrogant to say that a school that you applied for with the standard of conduct, contract, and information on the football program is all laid out in front of you should then in turn compensate you for your talent.
College experience, community, education, degrees, broadened minds and experiences, and the ability to participate in a student athlete program that will enable you amazing skills for the future. The NCAA is looking out for the student, not just the athlete, and is equipping them with a better understanding of substance and integrity, then just the financial benefits that might come with it.

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