Follow the Money: Why conference realignment can mean the end of the B.C.S.

September 23, 2011
by Justin

I was in a deep sleep when my better half shook me out of my slumber. “ESPN just said Texas may go to the PAC-12 or the ACC.” She could’ve told me aliens were attacking; I had no intention in getting up at six in the morning. She couldn’t wrap her mind around her grandmother’s home state having a team that played against USC twice a year. “There is nothing Pacific or Atlantic about Texas,” she exclaimed. Without hesitation I took her hand, sat up and had a heart to heart with her. I told her, “In this case sweetheart, separation is a good thing.”

There’s money on the table and the major football conferences are all reaching for it. The public has been heard and the Bowl Championship Series can’t feel good about the possibility of automatic bid conferences like the Big 12 dissolving. Texas A&M, jaded from their lack of competitive edge against the state superpower, Texas Longhorns, has already made their intentions known. They will secede from the Big 12 and move to the greener pastures of the SEC. Texas is considering the ACC or the Pac-12, but won’t go unless they can keep the funding from their ESPN sponsored Longhorn Network.

I personally couldn’t be happier. March Madness is the most exciting tournament in sports, so the prospect of NCAA football forming into four major conferences is exhilarating. The prospect of a 66-team tournament during the last few months of college football, instead of the long drawn out season would bring a new level of quality to the game. Imagine a dark horse upsetting the major programs of America. The last team to come out of nowhere was Boise State, when they beat Adrian Peterson and the Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl. There are no more Cinderella stories in college football. All I hope is that there is a Fairy Godmother somewhere, working for the NCAA.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports blogger for He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle. 

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