The Total Package

September 28, 2011
by Justin

The most important things a college recruiter looks for in prospects are their tangible skills such as speed, strength, and skills in the classroom.

Coaches and recruiters are looking for specific things to help their team win for the next year. The definition of success is when preparation meets opportunity. So, you should always be prepared. You want to try to have the qualities coaches need before they even know it.

If all you dream about it making it on a college team, then the gate keeper to your dreams is the coaches and recruiter. The first impression makes a lasting impression. Sometimes there are no do over’s.

So when the recruiter or coaches do come to see you, chances are they have heard about your tangible skills. Like how well you catch the ball, how you block, how fast you are, and how strong you are. So how do you get prepared for the tangible skills? Train, train train. Obviously if you are playing football you are on a football team. You never want to over train but extra technical training is always helpful. Whether it be adding more cardio or sprints, to ball handling skills to block skills or adding  yoga to help with your flexibility.

The other side of it is your grades. You have to make sure you on the right track for graduation. You have to make sure you have the right grades. You have to make sure you take your SAT and or you’re ACT and get a high score. It takes work to get to the college level and once you get to the college level you have to work even harder to either get on top or stay on top of your game.

Coaches and recruiters are looking for the total package. An athlete who has the skills to perform on the field and the knowledge to succeed in the classroom.

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