The Life & Tweets of Yuri Wright

January 21, 2012
by Justin

Welcome back to ATCFWT, the ultimate destination for all the college football drama of the week, provided exclusively to you by scoutme. Volume one was about Conference Realignment, while Lunchtime Politics and The School of Hard Knocks updated you about new developments. Musical Chairs highlighted the possibility of Boise State playing for the Big East, and the fifth Revenge of the Nerds touched on the Mountain West and Conference USA clicking up to steal the Big East’s automatic BCS bid. London Bridge is Falling Down was about more conference realignment along with some NCAA rule updates. For the Love of College Football revisited national powerhouses LSU and Alabama getting together, and the The Scandal that Rocked College Football was the first glimpse into this season’s biggest newsmaker, Jerry Sandusky. Volume nine took a step back and examined How to Thrive in the Current College Football Landscape. Penn State vs. Joe Pa looked back into the backlash of a new coach being hired at Penn State. The Life & Tweets of Yuri Wright will go into the power of social networking, and how a series of reckless tweets from an All American football star led to his expulsion.


The Life & Tweets or Yuri Wright: Who is Yuri Wright?

Yuri Wright, of the #1 high school football team, Don Bosco Prep (NJ.), is the 40th ranked player in the nation according to ESPNU. Yuri Wright is being recruited in every major BCS conference and participated in this year’s Army All-American Bowl. Yuri Wright also played with another star defensive player Elijah Shumate who is verbally committed to Notre Dame. Wright is a 6’2” hybrid corner, who is able to cover every offensive skill position from Tight Ends to shifty, slot Receivers. His highlight tape is impressive, as far as his ball-hawking skills (seen clearly at the 1:31 mark) . This talented cornerback’s story seemed to right out of a fairy tale, but his off the field exploits became ammunition for him to lose almost everything he has ever worked for to this point.


The Life & Tweets or Yuri Wright: What Was Said? (Parental Advisory for Explicit Content)

Yuri Wright’s twitter account sounded like the conversation transcripts from the infamous University of Miami’s Seventh Floor Crew (Be warned of the explicit content from this song also). This website does not condone the usage of such language, so here is the link to another source the carried the story. If you don’t care to read such lewd commentary, Yuri Wright constantly laced vulgar and overtly, sexual natured tweets in his normal day-to-day interactions with his followers. This was not a one-time situation, but a series of tweets over months and months of activity from Yuri Wright. It was not clear who exposed his protected tweets, but with 1,600 followers, Yuri Wright would have trouble narrowing down the culprit.


The Life & Tweets or Yuri Wright: The Aftermath

Yuri Wright’s high school coach, Greg Toal, confirmed through various media outlets that Wright was expelled on Wednesday, January 18th. Amongst the schools Yuri Wright is considering (Michigan, Rutgers, Notre Dame and Colorado), Michigan is rumored to have pulled their scholarship offer. Yuri Wright has since deleted the twitter account, and according to Coach Toal was warned several times to cease with the abrasive social networking.


“We told them about 10 or 15 times to get off (Twitter) and not to be involved in it, but there is always somebody who thinks he knows better,” Toal told “What he wrote was pretty bad, to be honest with you; I can’t even say what he wrote.”


Despite the rumored backlash, Coach Toal stated that several schools are still interested in Yuri Wright’s services.


The Life & Tweets or Yuri Wright: The Hypocrisy    

Yuri Wright may have been one of the first major high school football stars to be involved in a nationally publicized situation like this, but unfortunately, he will not be the last. Yuri Wright is a product of this new generation’s trend of sports star accessibility that has evolved into a bittersweet medium that puts exemplary athletes on pedestals, to crucify them if ever they fall. Yuri Wright was made an example of by the institution that used his star-power to gain national acclaim, and I’m sure sponsorship from major sport’s companies. My only question is, why didn’t they expel him sooner? If they had such an issue with Yuri Wright’s internet interactions, why didn’t they kick him out during football season? Wrights tweets were just as reckless in July of 2011 as they were in January of 2012; this seems like another instance of a superstar who seemed above the law, until it became an inconvenience for their organization. Now Yuri Wright is no Mother Teresa, but his banter is no different that what you hear in any locker room across the US. His actions should not be excused, but the gatekeepers need to have their intentions checked also. Well, It’s about that time that get off my soapbox, but I’ll be back. Until the drama of college football dies, this is Yorick Hempstead, signing off.



Yorick Hempstead is an ex-college athlete who is a sports writer for scoutme. He is always talking sports on twitter @HempsteadHuddle.




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