Ten Things To Consider For Success in Football Recruiting

August 30, 2011
by Justin

Football recruiting is more than just choosing the best recruit to add to the team roster. A lot of other aspects are at play when scouts review several prospective athletes before finally deciding on the best choice (or choices). Having said that, showing off at a high school football game is not necessarily a sure-fire way to get recruited.

So what’s an aspiring football superstar have to do to get recruited onto a decent team in college? Here are ten things you should keep in mind when preparing for a college recruiting season:

1. It takes hard work that goes beyond the playing field. Do not fall into the mistake of depending on a football recruiter to search for that one ideal program to send your application to. Instead, you should take an effort to market yourself to several schools to ensure that you can make the choice most appropriate to your preferences and needs. It also pays to get involved in a football combine or Showcase, which will prepare you for eventual exposure to college scouts.

2. Mind your books. When you make yourself available for recruitment, you pit yourself against the best football players across the states. Having a grade point average that’s higher than your peers will give you an advantage over the rest, especially if your records show your ability to maintain a good academic record. This will make you more eligible for football scholarships and ultimately more opportunities.

3. It’s in the numbers. Taking the ACT and SAT examinations in your junior year will ensure that you have enough time to take the tests again in case your results are lower than expected. Taking both exams will help improve your chances of getting into any university of your choosing since some schools tend to put emphasis on one test over the other.

4. More than just the typical jock. Taking an effort to get involved in more than just the school’s football team will give college admissions officers the impression of versatility, flexibility and a willingness to do something more for the school aside from playing ball. Character is often an attribute that is overlooked for individual skill and goes along way with coaches in the college ranks.

5. Get into camp. This is the best way to showcase your skills to football scouts and coaches to your list of preferred programs. Colleges often organize football camps to get the best players together so they can scout for the best possible addition to their team. Call up the college that most interests you and inquire about their camps.

6. Nothing says it better than videos. Put together a highlight reel of your five best plays in the position and pass this on to the colleges of your choice. Of course, you will have to consider the players in a particular college’s football team. If they already have a great player in the position you wish to play, you may want to look for a team most in need of your offered skills.

7. Rate your skills honestly. Before you go on promoting yourself, you’ll have to first decide which level of college football is the right fit for your skills. You may be aiming for Division 1, but then are your skills up to par with that level? College recruiting happens at all levels after all.

8. Pay attention. Familiarize yourself with college and conference schedules and calendar of events. Take note of application deadlines, and most importantly the recruiting periods for football in your chosen colleges.

9. The NCAA Clearinghouse. It is up to your coach and guidance counselor to guide you in creating your very own NCAA Clearinghouse account online right after your junior year. This will make you accessible to NCAA sanctioned colleges and will give you guidance on the preparatory courses you need to take in order to get accepted to the college of your choice.

10. Listen to the pro. Aspiring football recruits should take their coaches’ advise seriously, especially since they are the ones who can give you the most honest assessment of your abilities and what aspect of your play needs to be improved. They can also give insight on the best colleges to play for.

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